Red Drink At Night, Rosa’s Valentine’s Delight

by Newsdesk - Saturday February 11, 2017 11:02 am

Silent Pool Gin, distilled in the Surrey Hills, is sure to impress your other half this Valentine’s Day. With a bottle as beautiful as the liquid inside is delicious.

Silent Pool Gin Cocktail On BarCrafted using 24 botanicals, it is a rich and clean juniper-driven spirit with subtle floral layers. Fresh notes of citrus and kaffir lime are grounded with the sweetness of local honey to create a well-rounded gin, perfect for making fancy cocktails or simply served in a classic gin and tonic.

Hanna Bixo, of Hawksmoor in London, has created the Rosa's Ruin as a simple to make yet tasty cocktail to serve your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Perfect as a pre-dinner aperitif, the cocktail incorporates Cocchi Rosa, an aromatized wine which features citrus zests and rose petals, accentuating the floral notes found in the gin.

The Silent Pool Gin and Cocchi Rosa are balanced with lemon juice, sugar syrup and a touch of Punt e Mes. Shaken up and simply served in a martini glass with a single rose petal garnish, it not only tastes delicious but looks the part too, much like the gin itself.

Why not grab yourself a bottle: RRP £34.99 The Whiskey Exchange, Harvey  Nichols, Selfridges, 31 Dover.

‘Rosa's Ruin’

  • 35ml Silent Pool Gin
  • 20ml Cocchi Rosa
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 10ml sugar syrup
  • 2.5ml Punt e Mes


  • Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker (or a large jam jar will do!).
  • Shake with plenty of ice and strain into a martini glass (preferably through a tea strainer or sieve to catch any small shards of ice).
  • Garnish with a single rose petal.
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