Douglas Blyde

Douglas Blyde

A former documentary man, Douglas Blyde is utterly gripped by gastronomy: driven by a love of good taste and fascinated by that almost nocturnal, nervously energetic breed known as chefs. He longs, one day, to own a pristine restaurant, boutique hotel, almost mythically revered vineyard and a vast chocolate factory

  • To Your Heart’s Content

    Monday February 9th, 2009

    Foodepedia travels to southwest France to learn more about the most heart friendly wines in the world – and to influence their future blends.

  • Tastefully Driven

    Monday January 19th, 2009

    “In my experience there is still a gap between bloody awful food and food which is superb,” Bob Farrand, the director of The Great Taste Awards talks to Douglas Blyde on celebrating distinctive British flavours, a surprising connection with Robert Maxwell, and his appetising vision for 2012.