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Keyan is a twenty-something freelance writer spending much of his time on the newsdesk of a national tabloid. But in his spare time he loves food and football.
Made by an English mum and an Iranian dad, he grew up with great grub but only realised how lucky he is in the last few years. He thinks his obsession with food and cooking started when he took a 'Gap yah' and scoffed his way through China, Thailand, South Korea and Japan. The passion developed through university, despite living mostly on a diet of packet noodles and beer. However an Irish mate sometimes brought him back crab meat and a loaf of his mum's soda bread as a treat from home.
His favourite meal was probably when he and his girlfriend spent loads of money on the tasting menu with matching wines at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon - they did not regret the dent in their bank account. He has a particular fondness for Chinese and Japanese food, loves real ales, picking mushrooms with his (soon-to-be) father-in-law in the autumn, his Mum's traditional Brit food and his Dad's barbecue kababs and bread tah-dig. He would like to be a full time food writer when he grows up and own a smallholding near the coast beside a pub which sells good beer. He likes one ice cube in his post-meal single malt whisky, despite it probably being blasphemy. Sorry.

  • Galante- Argentine bar none

    Wednesday April 10th, 2013

    South Ken’s swanky Galante might be a new kid on the block, but it’s got its heart firmly set in the past. Inspired by Santiago Policastro and opened last year, this dark, cosy bar serves classic Argentine cocktails with a few recent additions added some welcome new twists to keep the punters’ interest piqued

  • Brewdog unleash Never Mind the Ababolics beer

    Sunday August 5th, 2012

    So those barmy blokes at Brewdog are at it again. This time aiming to ‘take the wheels off the corporate bandwagon’ of London’s summer of sport. With beer, of course.

  • New Crisps from Fairfields Farm Crisps

    Sunday August 5th, 2012

    Ready Salted? Pah! Cheese and Onion? Yawn. Smokey Bacon? Meh! Fairfields Farm Crisps reckon we need a revolution in crisp flavour combos and they're kicking it off with their new butter and mint.

  • Woodland Ways Great British Forage

    Tuesday July 31st, 2012

    Want to learn how to forage like the pros without the hospital visits? We tried out a Woodland Ways foraging course to see how easy it really is - and avoid any dodgy tummies

  • Duerr's Yourself a Flavour

    Wednesday December 21st, 2011

    When Duerr's, who have been making preserves for 130 years, offered us some mincemeat to taste test, we jumped at the chance. But were they any good?

  • Scottish brewers Brewdog open first English bar in London

    Tuesday December 20th, 2011

    Never ones to make a scene, Scottish beer craftsmen and guzzlers Brewdog have rolled into the Big Smoke, on a tank

  • Tortilla Restaurant Review

    Tuesday December 20th, 2011

    Mexican doesn't have to mean burritos and tacos like everywhere else - sometimes it can be pretty good. We tried out one of the flourishing Tortilla restaurants springing up across London quicker than Speedy Gonzales. Ariba!

  • Tim Anderson goes Malay

    Monday December 19th, 2011

    Not-quite-fresh from his Masterchef victory, Tim Anderson showed Foodepedia, and some other, more special, guests, a few Malaysian recipes that'll add a bit of heat to your winter dinner for Malaysia Kitchen

  • Balsamic Vinegar and Strawberry Soufflé with Maille Mustard and Lemon Ice Cream

    Sunday December 18th, 2011

    When a two-Michelin star chef tells you he's going to make a pudding using mustard and vinegar, you don't turn your nose up, found Keyan Milanian

  • Breakfast at Hawksmoor Guildhall

    Monday November 21st, 2011

    Bone marrow at 8am? Foodepedia mans up for a proper breakfast treat in the City at Hawksmoor's Guildhall branch.

  • Langham's afternoon delights

    Wednesday November 2nd, 2011

    The Langham, the posh West End hotel, has introduced its G&T Tiffin at its Artesian bar - and it's a saucy sexpot of afternoon tea.

  • Lucy's love for leftovers

    Wednesday November 2nd, 2011

    Lucy Cufflin, author of Lucy's Food, loves her leftovers. That's right, the mangy old salad, the dregs of last night's curry and the sad looking veg in the back of the fridge. Foodepedia digs into some of her dishes and finds out why.

  • Try a new cheese in British Cheese Week

    Sunday September 25th, 2011

    This week is British Cheese Week and the British Cheese Board (no laughing at the back) want us to try something a little different.

  • Wine and shine with sushi

    Thursday September 22nd, 2011

    Forget the beers, we take a look at Tsuru's new natural wine selection, ideal with sushi, sashimi with some gyoza or some tempura.

  • Nando's comes home to roost

    Tuesday September 20th, 2011

    The Nando's chicken brand has been an unashamed success, we try some of their sauces and rubs at home.

  • Heston does biscuits

    Tuesday September 20th, 2011

    Heston Blumenthal's new stright-from-the-freezer biscuits are easier to prepare than you might imagine. And all without liquid nitrogen.

  • See the taste of your ice cream at Argentinian ice cream parlour, Freggo

    Tuesday September 6th, 2011

    Thought you couldn't see taste? Me neither, that is until I saw Argentinian ice cream parlour Freggo's new Taste installation.

  • Ginger cake recipes from Rustie Lee

    Tuesday August 30th, 2011

    Jamaica Ginger Cake never lasts very long in our house. Certainly not long enough to make other things with. But if you’re the more patient/less greedy type, why not try a couple of recipes from tv chef Rustie Lee.

  • Ham and Cheese the British Way

    Friday July 29th, 2011

    Executive head chef of the Embankment's impressive new Corinthia hotel, Garry Hollihead is rightly proud of his British produce. He took Foodepedia along to meet some of the producers that make his menu special.

  • Start thinking with the Start Pop Up

    Thursday July 28th, 2011

    Want good grub and not to feel guilty about it? Then head down to the Start Sustainable Pop-Up in posh Lancaster House, all about leading sustainable lives