Rupert Parker

Rupert Parker

Rupert Parker is writer, photographer and Emmy-nominated film maker and has an appetite the size of a planet.  He’s travelled the globe eating Yak in Tibet , Beetle in Thailand , Zebra in Ruanda, Seal in Greenland , Guinea Pig in Ecuador and Bat in Madagascar . He’s also partial to the occasional gourmet meal.

  • Peixe em Lisboa - Lisbon Fish and Flavours Festival, Portugal

    Wednesday April 17th, 2013

    Now in its 6th year, Peixe em Lisboa takes place over 10 days, with cooking classes, wine pairings, chef demonstrations and tastings provided by top Portuguese restaurants.  Rupert Parker spent a couple of days soaking up the atmosphere and sampling the food.

  • Hitting the Fruit Route in South Africa’s Western Cape

    Sunday April 17th, 2011

    Sourcing food locally is fast becoming a mantra for those who care about where what’s on their plate comes from.  Yet venture into any supermarket and it’s piled high with produce from all over the world.  Fruit, in particular, has often journeyed thousands of miles before it gets to the checkout, much of it grown in South Africa’s Western Cape.  Scandalous, you may think, but an environmental audit throws up some surprising results.  Rupert Parker sets off to investigate