The Blues and Bourbon. A classic mix

by Al Stuart - Friday May 14, 2010 4:47 am

The London blues music scene is having a a bit of a revival at the  minute and bars and clubs seem to be springing up all over the Capital. Places to go for a drink or two and hear the blues played live.One of the most popular of these new venues is The Blues Kitchen on  Camden High Street.

The Blues and hard liquor go together like Rock and Roll, so it comes as no surprise that The Blues Kitchen has a huge selection of authentic bourbons.We're here tonight to learn a little about this famous drink, and  sample four different bourbons. To get us in a relaxed frame of mind we're served a Mint Julip, a refreshing cocktail of bourbon ,mint and  crushed ice.

Our guide for the evening is Freddy Donaldson, The Blues Kitchens very own Bourbon Sommelier.Each of our tables has four colour coded glasses of bourbon for us to try.The bourbons tonight are Pappy Van Winkle, Evan Williams, Rowan Creek and Four Roses. (the first three even sound like the names of blues musicians!)

Freddy talks us through the unique qualities of each one, and then  invites us to try and match the glass with the bourbon. nobody on our table seems to be a bourbon drinker so its all wild  guesswork.The first tastes, to my Rioja drinkers palate very smooth,  the second? mmm not so smooth, the third is, argh! liquid fire and the  fourth? not too firey but not  dont know!

In the end we make our choices, well, educated guesses and we seem  to have done pretty well for novices, identifying the two most expensive bourbons correctly. Freddy congratulates us all on our  efforts and hopes the evening has given us an appreciation of this  classic American drink.

Our bourbon sampling over, it was time to kick back and listen to some  live blues served up by the excellent Beth Packer and The Black Cat  Bones.

www.theblueskitchen.com111 Camden High Street Camden, London


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