Because it's not wine all the time

  • St Peter's Brewery G Free Range

    Wednesday November 6th, 2013

    Lara Cory goes G-Free™ to try St Peter's Brewery's newest range of gluten free beers.

  • Novotel Celebrates London Cocktail Week

    Tuesday October 8th, 2013

    A tip of the glass to London Cocktail Week, coming back to London for another successful celebration of all things mixed to perfection. Novotel, the offical hotel partner for the most refreshing week in London's calender are launching to drinks to get the party started.

  • Dirty Martini opens in Bishopsgate

    Friday October 4th, 2013

    Dirty Martini has poured itself in to a new location. Poppy Laking guides you through the throng at Bishopsgate’s newest cocktail bar.

  • A Wine, a Gin and a Port. We raid the drinks cabinet for three current favourites

    Friday May 4th, 2012

    Ever on the lookout for quality, individuality and good value, I have three diverse springtime discoveries each of which has filled gaps in my shopping list.

  • Snow Queen Vodka. Pretty smooth stuff

    Thursday March 29th, 2012
  • It's Chablis o'clock

    Saturday March 10th, 2012

    ‘Fishmonger’s Clock’ is basically a crafty method of cooking and serving a wide variety of fish for the enhancement and enjoyment of Chablis and, while pretending to be a rather grand dish, it is in fact very quick and easy to prepare.

  • ‘The Vintner’ Choice wines that wont break the bank.

    Sunday February 26th, 2012

    Weary of supermarket offerings, Alan Kingsbury finds a wine merchant who can put the fun back into bargain hunting.

  • Thinking Pink - something fizzy for your Valentine's

    Wednesday February 8th, 2012

    As the 14th approaches like a remorseless romance machine we start to think of champagne. Alan Kingsbury finds going for the pink can keep prices down and romance still high

  • Champagne Pommery Wintertime

    Tuesday January 31st, 2012

    From the depths of winter and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought we could have another rummage around the Foodepedia Champagne cellar for something a bit special to share. Right now, I can’t think of anything more appropriate than ‘Wintertime’ a Champagne from the historic house of Pommery based in Reims.

  • Bringing Veuve to Christmas

    Tuesday November 22nd, 2011

    Foodepedia advocates fizz with finesse for Christmas. Herewith, our selection...

  • Bloom: An Introduction To Gin For Women

    Sunday August 7th, 2011


    Bloom is a premium new gin from master distiller Joanne Moore with its tones of chamomile and honeysuckle Bloom creates a sweet subtle taste perfect for enticing the gin virgin.

  • Sparkling Prosecco wines from Bisol

    Thursday July 21st, 2011

    Situated in Valdobbiadene in the Treviso province, northern Italy, Bisol process the grapes for their wines from 16 farms whose vineyards cover an area of over 45 hectares, all at an altitude of 250 to 300 metres. All of the Bisol Prosecco wines we tasted are elegant and excellent wines to have as an aperitif, as well as for drinking with desert, most would also work well in cocktails like Kir or Bellini.

  • Banrock Station wines for summer drinking

    Sunday July 17th, 2011

    It seems that wines these days are getting stronger and some of you might be looking for lighter options for those summer afternoons. We’ve sampled three Banrock Station wines at 5.5% by volume and a fourth at 12%, and these might just suit a change of regime or be the right thing for that long summer afternoon garden party.

  • Laithwaites show off their Californian wines

    Thursday July 14th, 2011

    Laithwaites had invited media flunkies to a tasting of some of their Californian wines available to customers during the summer months. There were only fourteen wines, so this was a little more manageable than some tastings I've been to; wine tastings can be a little trying, for me at least, but there were several that I particularly liked.

  • Laithwaites summer sparklers

    Friday June 17th, 2011

    With summer here, well, trying to be, you might be looking for a wine that’s just right to accompany the barbecue you’re planning, or attending, or to take along to the park in your picnic basket brimming with goodies. We tasted three of their wines that we think are ideal for summer drinking recently, each of which filled our mouths with fresh fruity zinginess.

  • A father’s day wine selection?

    Thursday June 2nd, 2011

    With father’s day coming up you might want to do something special for the old man, like a full on lunch with nicely matched wines to go with the dishes you prepare. Or if you dad’s a guy who likes a glass of wine or two while relaxing in front of the telly, you might just want to drop a few bottles off with your card and leave him to it.

  • Red Stag launches in the UK

    Tuesday May 17th, 2011

    I knew it was going to be dangerous soon after I arrived there, having rocked up at L’Atelier des Chefs for an event that was part of the launch of Red Stag. I was immediately brought a cocktail, which had been predetermined by my answer to a multiple choice question when responding to the invitation. My Claremont Julep went down very easily, a little too quickly and it confirmed that the evening was likely to be a slippery slope.

  • Iberica wines, a taste of Spain

    Monday May 9th, 2011

    This is an exciting development and I selected six of these new wines to these shores, two white and four red, to give you an idea of the flavours you might expect as well as their quality. These were some lovely wines with good fresh vibrant flavours; they’ve been well selected by Bruno Murciano, Iberica’s sommelier.

  • Tasting Languedoc wines

    Tuesday May 3rd, 2011

    It has to be said and perhaps many of you will know already, I’m not a lover of going to wine tastings. But having found some gems at the Languedoc Grands Crus tasting I was actually quite pleased that I had gone. I got to taste some lovely wines. Now it’s up to you, if you feel inspired, check them out.

  • Celtic Marches Liqueurs

    Sunday May 1st, 2011

    Celtic Marches Beverages has created two liqueurs, both brandy based. The ‘Bloody Furlong’, flavoured with apple and maple and the ‘Number Nine Liqueur’ flavoured with apple and blackcurrant. Each of these liqueurs is made from fruit grown on the family owned farm where the liqueurs are produced.