Recipes from March 2011

March 2011 Recipes Archive from Foodepedia

  • Mother’s Day inspired recipes

    Tuesday March 29th, 2011

    Here are some recipes that you might want to cook for your mum on Mother's Day, or any other day for that matter.

  • Billington's Easter Simnel Brownie by Paul A Young

    Sunday March 27th, 2011

    For Easter this year, chocolatier Paul A Young has teamed up with his sugar company of choice, Billington's, to create a Billington's Easter Simnel Brownie that embodies the simnel cakes of his childhood.

  • Imli’s potato and pea cakes with tamarind chutney

    Wednesday March 16th, 2011

    Here is one of the recipes from the new Saturday morning cookery classes at Imli, the Indian street food style tapas restaurant on Wardour Street.  Led by Imli’s executive chef Samir Sadekar, classes are for small groups (maximum eight) and are just as much fun for novice cooks as for more experienced home cooks.

  • Pancake Day Recipes from Riverford Organics

    Monday March 7th, 2011

    Pancake day is over but here for your flipping enjoyment are some great recipes from the delicious people at Riverford Organics.

  • Pão de azeite/Olive oil bread

    Monday March 7th, 2011

    In this region of Portugal people bake a type of bread which I adore. Fluffy, light, like a cream cloud. Usually it is served during Easter, baked in fierce wood ovens, but nowadays can be found all year round in the village bakery. It's taste is so evocative of this place in the country, the olive harvests and reminds me of my Grandad who loved it and would crumble some  slices when stale, in more olive oil and garlic.

  • Fried turkey Egg with Spring vegetables

    Tuesday March 1st, 2011

    Spring has officially begun today, and this cooking video features Mark Hix (chef, restaurateur, writer and former competitor in Great British Menu) making a great spring dish - fried turkey egg with spring vegetables.