Magic of Martell

by Douglas Blyde - Friday October 7, 2011 1:33 pm

Standing over two metres tall, Martell Cognac's meticulosly crafted Trunk houses a rare collection of 28 eaux-de-vie including £400 per shot L'Or de Jean Martell which represent the finest exponents of ‘cru’ used by the world's oldest cognac producer (1715).

It is fashioned and fitted by 10 craftsmen who spent 1,000 hours working full-grain leathers, copper, silver plate, fine grain oak, crystal, linen, with skill and innovation to produce something truly astonishing.

Martell Cognac may be savoured from a Sèvres crystal tulip glass, or a balloon snifter, created more recently by crystal designers to allow people to use all five senses when tasting the violet scented spirit: the sight of the eau-de-vie, the feel of the glass, the subtle sound of the liquid against the crystal, and of course the taste and scent... Glimpse the Martell Trunk, one of only two currently in existence (the other is in Malaysia) at Harrods' window (by door nine) until 22 October. It is also available for purchase from the iconic store for a modest RRP of £200k...

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