Dram & Smoke Unleashes The Beast Feast In North London This August

by Newsdesk - Thursday July 12, 2018 10:07 am

For two nights only this August, pop-up restaurant Dram & Smoke is landing in a warehouse in north London for a summer party that’s all about great drinks, great meat and cooking with flames.

Leather tanneries, steelyards, biscuit factories, furniture warehouses; just a few of the spots Dram & Smoke have popped up in before and a theme of venue uniqueness continues here. Beast Feast, just moments from Tottenham Hale station, is set against the raw backdrop of a semi-outdoor warehouse that’s part of an indoor climbing wall.

The project adds a dramatic fire rack cooking device (that looks part barbecue, part medieval torture chamber) and creates the flavours and ambience of an adventure by the campfire.

Guests are welcomed into the vast industrial space with a Nitro Whisky Spritz cocktail as part of their ticket price and will have a sun trap beer garden to hang out in as the night warms up.

They’ll be kept company by the sights and smells of the fire-kissed cooking that underpins the event - Beast Feast in the truest sense of the word – steel rods, cages and chains hanging cuts of beautifully sourced meat cooking over aromatic oak wood are just some of the carnivorous vistas that set the scene for the night ahead.

The room itself is dominated by brickwork, steel rafters, hanging lights and a single massive timber banquet table around which guests will sit communally and await the arrival of an epic onslaught of family-style dishes from the theatre of the open kitchen.

The centerpiece of it all is a whole iron-crossed goat - brined, marinated in chilli, garlic & rosemary & slow cooked for 8 hours over birch & beech wood until falling off the bone. Also hitting the table are endless racks of Tamworth pork ribs glazed with marmalade butter that arrive nailed to cedar boards which have imparted their woody aroma in transit.

The third and final beast to complete the story comes in shelled form and answers the kraken call; copper cataplana pots stacked high with Scottish mussels cooked in a chipotle miso sauce. All this alongside sides of charred cauliflower, coal-roasted corn, loaded potato skins crisped to perfection in the embers and a selection of pickles and salads.

Once that considerable meaty undertaking has been polished off, guests will embark on a treasure trail of dessert stations.

A liquid nitrogen ice cream setup where refreshing tubs of rum & raisin are made to order in front of guests. Pineapples cooked in cages over the fire and skewered with marshmallows for a bit of toast-your-own action – a classic around-the-fire activity if there ever was one. Just a couple of the experiences on offer for those with a sweet tooth.

Dinner lasts around two hours and thereafter late-night, summer house party vibes kick in with the addition of table tennis and a host of other ‘play-with-one-hand-with-drink-in-the-other’ games that will be in the mix for those with fidgety feet and a competitive spirit. Beer pong might even get a look in.

Nobody’s going thirsty at Beast Feast either. A small but well-formed wine list sits alongside local beer and a cocktail list that shouts summertime and if the mercury really rises then a gin slushy station and sharing cocktail punch bowls could be the saviours of the day.Find out more

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