Restaurant Reviews from Foodepedia

  • Arros QD

    Sunday July 14th, 2019

    Rice is firmly the star at this new restaurant from a man adorned with more Michelin stars than most

  • Spelzini – Cometh the cichetti hour

    Saturday June 29th, 2019

    It's a Thursday 5pm and you've had the week from hell at work, you need a cocktail, where do you go? Spelzini!

  • The Moniker

    Friday June 21st, 2019

    Nestled in the heart of The City, moments from Monument and Fenchurch Street stations, The Moniker is the latest opening from cocktail bar and restaurant group Drake and Morgan.

  • Pho And Bun

    Saturday June 15th, 2019

    So small you might miss it, Pho & Bun on Shaftesbury Avenue has to compete with some big players all vying for their share of the out of towners food budget, but does it commendably well.

  • STK London new Summer 2019 menu review

    Thursday June 13th, 2019

    STK London have just launched their new Summer 2019 menu and Danielle was invited in to try it at the ME Hotel on The Strand.

  • Bob's Lobster

    Tuesday June 11th, 2019

    BOB's Lobster is a quite a catch, super fresh seafood in a modern diner setting and with some very inventive dishes that don't all involve the lobster.

  • ULI Notting Hll

    Monday June 10th, 2019

    Mike samples Uli’s eastern flavours in west London and finds he could almost contemplate leaving the sarf with food this good.

  • Oslo Hackney

    Tuesday May 28th, 2019

    Nick finds travelling north to Oslo was well worth it, despite some initial misgivings

  • The Mantl

    Wednesday May 22nd, 2019

    Chef Serdar Demir’s other restaurant, Skewd Kitchen, won the 2019 Fine Dining Restaurant award at the 2019 British Kebab Awards. So, what is his new place like?

  • Bottomless Brunch at Bobby Fitzpatrick

    Tuesday May 21st, 2019

    Poppy Laking fires up the way way back machine and goes vintage at Bobby Fitzpatrick’s bottomless brunch.

  • Poptata Review

    Friday April 26th, 2019

    If you’re in the area and have a fries craving, Chloe can definitely recommend going to Poptata for a hit of their tasty chips.

  • Bingham Riverhouse Review

    Tuesday April 23rd, 2019

    Don’t drive there whatever you do, but walk as fast as you can to this beautifully located spot on the Thames

  • Fancy Crab Restaurant

    Tuesday April 16th, 2019

    It looks like a Doctor Who style monster in the wild, but once caught and cooked the Red King Crab is one of the finest eating crustaceans there is. Trouble is, it's not cheap.

  • Tibits new launch menu

    Friday April 5th, 2019

    We went along to tibits Southwark restaurant to try out their new menu and a couple of cocktails too.

  • Xier London Restaurant Review

    Thursday April 4th, 2019

    Many chefs bang on about harmony but it’s rare to come across such a master of flavour balance as super-talented Carlo Scotto. 

  • Meraki Bar London

    Thursday March 28th, 2019

    Going Greek in London at Meraki Bar means getting a good bit of that countr's seductive flavours and ambience.

  • Bar Swift Soho Review

    Friday March 22nd, 2019

    Mike samples the cocktails at one of, officially, the best bars in the world

  • Kanada Ya's New Miso Paitan

    Thursday March 21st, 2019

    This bowl of ramen is cheaper than a therapist and much more delicious

  • Tasting Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge New Dining Menu

    Tuesday March 12th, 2019

    Middle eastern restaurant updates its traditional Moroccan & Lebanese cuisine with contemporary dishes and sharing plates

  • Romulo Cafe

    Friday March 8th, 2019

    How often have you heard someone say, ‘I know, let’s go out for a Filipino'? Probably about as often as you’ve heard someone say ‘I fancy a bit of German food tonight.’