108 Brasserie

by Marcus Sedghi - Tuesday February 10, 2015 1:02 pm

108 Marylebone Lane, London, W1U 2QE 108brasserie.com

Sometimes you just fancy a steak. A good old-fashioned steak. Nothing ooh-la-la and nothing wowzy mummykins aint that fan-dabby-dozy. At the same time, nothing oh-my-word and nothing what-the-heck. Bit more specialist than a gastropub but less cor-blimey-that-hurt expensive than a fully-fledged hardcore steakhouse. A brasserie. The Coke Zero of steakhouses. Can’t go wrong.

108 is cracking in terms of looking the part. It’s got that Chicago 50s gangster black/white/red collage sort of feel. Similar to Holborn Dining Rooms, but a lot more muted. There’s a transition into more softer colours. Getting a bit bogged down in this. Basically, it looks pucker.

A really inviting menu. It all sounds good - bit limited on the vegetarian options, but, it’s a brasserie, what were you expecting. Roasted baby beets sound good anyway, but so do smoked salmon, crab, crispy pig cheeks seared tuna and octopus carpaccio.

I went octopus carpaccio, obviously, cos I’m poncey like that. Top. I like the gooeyness of octopus, that’s the best way I can describe it, at least in this form. Otherwise, big fat chunks. This is a lot more delicate, which helps you to notice what octopus can actually taste like. Sometimes even with a dash of tomato & chilli dressing the kitchen has knocked up. Oooh. Nice.

There’s mains and then there’s a ‘From The Josper Grill’ section, which is always nice to see cos that obviously means there talking up a big protein game. Bring it on bad boy, rib eye it is, been waiting all day.

We should mention there are other protein products available - monkfish, lamb, lemon sole, tiger prawns, grouse, skate wing and of-bloody-course, the pork chop. Hmmm, should maybe have had a pork chop.

The steak was great. If you’re thinking all day and you’re worried you’ll mess it up choosing the wrong place to have that solid steak in Marylebone - safe bet. Chuck fries on, they make good ones. I went peppercorn sauce and it was perfect.

Having a lot of honey glazed carrots at the moment and these rock. Tidy.

Feeling like a complete glutton for inhaling a large chunk of cow and half the field it’d be pointless to look backwards. Forget the fruit, gimme a warm chocolate fondant with peanut butter ice cream you filthy mama. Banging. I’ll remember you when I’m face down in a kebab later.

It’s a welcome addition to my collection of places. My geography sucks pretty bad. All I really know in Marylebone is the station and the hotel opposite. So at least if someone wants to meet that area I’ve got a place that delivers.

Loads of choice, if you’re all carnivores, big flavours, nice and refined. 

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