Brave the queue as Kakigori, one of Japan’s trendiest desserts, has just landed in London, currently being served to-go by Hawaiian poké specialists Honi Poké.

An ancient Japanese dessert made from a delicately shaved block of ice, piled high and drizzled with natural homemade syrups and delicious toppings; Kakigori is something new for summer

The unique snow-like texture creates light and refreshing spoonfuls of melt-in-the-mouth ice.

Honi Poké will be serving up classic flavours such as strawberry whilst honouring the original flavours of Japan with softly scented matcha. But with their heart in Hawaii, the tropical Guanábana (Soursop) and sweet mango varieties are not to be missed.

Beat the summer heat in the city with your own mini mountain at Honi Poké.

Honi Poké


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82 Dean Street, London, W1D 3SP

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