Argentinian Rosé with a French Flair

There is a new rose by Domaine Bousquet launching this August in the UK. It is organic, vegan and produced following sustainable practices. It is a blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon from high-altitude vineyard in Argentina.

Vivat Bacchus Restaurant Review

Vivat Bacchus London Bridge suffers a bit from being hidden behind Pret, and inside it could do with a refresh for the 2020s to bring a bit of whizz back to the proceedings, but the cooking is sound and sensible and the set lunch is good value. For locals it’s a good choice and tourists sick of rip offs should turn to it gratefully.

Junsei Restaurant Review

Omakase means “I’ll leave it to you”, i.e. let the chef choose, and so we did, seated comfortably on stools in front of the chef’s charcoal grill at the far end of this pared back, small but uncramped, stylish 36 seat restaurant.