This March, London Shell Co. will be welcoming the start of spring and celebrating arguably the most delicious of all sparkling wines – Pétillant Naturel.

mcith_petnat.jpegOn Sunday March 1, London Shell Co. co-founder Harry Lobek will be cracking open last year’s best Pétillant Naturel – or Pét Nat for short – serving it to discerning guests aboard the Prince Regent.

Pét Nat is a lesser-known type of sparkling wine currently only being served at the trendiest, best-informed wine bars and top restaurants in the capital. Pét Nat predates Champagne and was the original wine created with bubbles.

It is produced in the “Ancestral Method”, otherwise known as “rurale” or “artisanale.” This means it is bottled before its first fermentation is complete, with carbon dioxide produced by the natural sugars in bottled grape liquid.

In comparison, Champagne is produced by putting a fermented base wine in to a bottle for a secondary fermentation with the addition of yeast and sugar.

Pét Nat is typically considered a more natural alternative than its sparkling wine contemporaries, is lower in alcohol and can be anything from very dry to super sweet.

On board, guests will first be served a welcome glass of Col Fondo Prosecco from Magnum before the tasting evening commences. Sharing plates and salty snacks will be served throughout the cruise including Deep Fried Whitebait, Anchoiade & Crudites, Smoked Eel & Celariac Remoulade and Devon Crab rice pancakes, each complimenting the different Pét Nat bubbles on offer.

The evening costs £25 a head including the welcome drink and dinner, with additional glasses of bubbles starting from £6. Booking essential.

Price: Bookings are £25 per head, including welcome drink

Times: Doors at 6pm.  Cruise departs at 7pm. Return for 9.30pm

The website has a booking section to reserve:


London Shell Co The Prince Regent,

Sheldon Square,

Paddington Central,

W2 6PY