As a food writer for with 6 years of experience, my expertise seems to be highly appreciated by the management of the brand new Vogue Café, situated in the heart of The Village in the Westfield Mall. Thanks, guys. I wanted a classy evening for a change anyway.

To that aim, I am choosing the Vogue Café. You can’t go wrong really, world-wide known brand, not a hipster mystery or a 3 star Michelin restaurant offering boiled courgettes. I’m tempted to check the trends. A little excited actually. 

First things first. A table to settle down after some luxury window shopping. Our evening destination has already been invaded by guests, enjoying their conversation in the middle of the cosy designated sitting area. Everyone is laughing, everyone is having fun amongst the covers of high-end fashion, coming from the British Vogue. 

I’m not a fashion person even if I did have a fashion brand (a Vogue published one) and have organised few fashion shows for London Fashion week. I am still a chubby boy from Birmingham who would aim at anyone with a sling when they try to get my chocolate away from me. Gisele Bündchen can’t put me off the food scene. No, I’m not always hungry. I just know my food and I enjoy sharing it with people I love.

Me and my Mrs always make a quick decisions together as she is the one who is always hungry, so we install ourselves at the bar. The waiter is smartly dressed, he speaks English rather well and he seems to be a good friend of the menu. He must have been lonely before our arrival.

Well, to all of you, who are coming to the Vogue café, the bar doesn’t bite, the smell of champagne and macaroons is somehow ingratiating and the 100 years of British Vogue homage atmosphere fills the whole space with class, colours and trends. So the bar is not a compromise. It’s an honour.

Thankfully the managers are not as harsh as me, so they created different sitting areas, for all tastes, occasions and mindsets. Café Vogue is all day brasserie/patisserie pop. All temptation, no risk.

What can you expect? A menu that’s deceptively small on the page and huge in reality. A lexicon of macarons, fluffy white sandwiches with the crusts cut off (mind those extra calories), fresh salads, creamy gelato, top fizz, muffins, scones and cupcakes.