Marmalade or Marmite on your morning toast? Or do you want jam on that? You may well prefer the latter once you try the range of jams from Awani Bali.

awani range of tropical jams with great taste awardsThey kindly sent us a box of taster pots, those cute little jars you get on your breakfast table at the best hotels and then slyly steal. Well, some of us do. Don’t judge me.

The range features tropical fruits, as you might expect from the name, with mangos, passion fruit, pineapple, white and pink guavas, tamarillos, tangerines, limes and more.

All the fruit comes from the Ring of Fire of Indonesia, not the same one Johnny Cash sung about nor the aftermath of a Saturday night curry, but a volcanic region which is known for fertile soil.

The jams are all handmade by predominantly Balinese people and on a converted traditional farm that is self-sustaining and has been since 2007.

Awani Bali recommend not just eating these jams on toast or bread but partnering them with cheeses, yoghurts and even fish and the web site has plenty of suggestions such as using Balinese Tangerine with grilled snapper or putting lime with ginger with goat’s cheese.

We tried the latter and it was a very good idea, the acidity of the lime cutting the creaminess of the young goat’s cheese and the ginger making a slight fizz on the tongue.

In fact, they were all delicious and had us scraping the tiny pots for the last bits.

Buy them at independent retailers across the UK

Or via their online shop.

Tropical Fruit


Accompaniments: Buttery croissants and brioches, Greek yoghurt

Pink Guava

Accompaniments: Buttery croissants and brioches, pecorino, baked with mascarpone

Balinese Tangerine

Accompaniments: Smoked mackerel pate, pan fried snapper with dill

Single Tropical Fruit Flavours


Accompaniments: Stilton, turkey toasties


Accompaniments: Mature cheddar, mascarpone


Tropical Fruit Blends

Pineapple with Ginger

Accompaniments: Rice pudding, stir-fry

Lime with Ginger

Accompaniments: Baked apples, soft goat’s cheese