Bish, bash bosh. We sent one of our vegan writers, okay our only vegan writer, to see what was cooking

Ever heard of BOSH!? Well I hadn’t, which is rather weird because they’re so darn popular on the Facebook.

It’s probably why I’ve not come across them, since I’m pretty backwards when it comes to social media, I mean I’m not even on the book of face, but, still, I got an invite to go to BOSHFest where the dynamic duo founders of BOSH!, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby were launching their BOSH! cookbook … I went, I met, I ate.

BOSHFest itself was a pretty awesome event … cooking demonstrations, street food, drinks, DJs, interviews … and everything was vegan, which given its meteoric spike in popularity was a predictable sell-out.

I had tons of fun, which incidentally was also a nickname of mine at university, not anymore though because this former waddler is a vegan and shifted a lot of the residual meat and dairy created blubber.

I managed to grab Ian and Henry, or Henry and Ian, I’ll leave it for them as to who wants to be Ant and who wants to be Dec in their titling, prior to the festival kicking off.

I’ve met all sorts of vegans, vegan-friendly non-vegans, non-vegans, part-time vegans … basically I’ve met a lot of people and discussed veganism and when it comes to making veganism part of your livelihood there’s been quite a lot of people that have left me sceptical but that’s not the case with this pair.

They bring a lot of passion and behind the smiles there’s no essence of cravings for meat or dairy. They’re enjoying themselves and long may it continue.

So what’s the book like? It’s very, very, good. Remember those skeptical vegan livelihood folks I mentioned? A lot of them are to do with quickly mashed together books flogging pages full of salads and soups scraped off the Internet.

There is more to veganism than lettuce and lentils and a good book, no, a great book for your collection or even if you’re thinking about becoming vegan is the BOSH! book. There are over 140 recipes inside with sections including quick eats, small plates & sharers, showpieces, desserts and even cocktails.

I’ve tried a few recipes myself and even the most basic cook can follow them … I had a few mates round to watch the Amir Kahn fight and decided to try out one of the’big takeaway’ selections you can knock up by following the recipes inside … the boys have cleverly cross referenced the pages inside for dishes so that you can knock up a takeaway selection of Indian, Thai, Spanish, Chinese, BBQ, Italian, Tex-Mex and Mezze styles. The food won over my mates quicker than Khan flooring Lo Greco.

I’m not about to break my Facebook amnesty any time soon, but I’ll definitely follow BOSH! on any other platforms that I can get to grips with … for now, the best way for me is to try all the recipes in the book and keep my eyes peeled for any further books they release.

Smashing guys, great event and a really great buy for both vegans and non-vegans. Nice one guys. BOSH!