Deliveroo have partnered with Absurd Bird to launch the’Sproutmas Burger’

mcith_sproutburger.jpgI don’t get the national division over Brussel Sprouts, I like them so much I grow them on the allotment, even though they take about seven months from seed to plate, and need a touch of frost to really bring out their sublime sweetness. And the frosts seem later and later each year.

Seems though a lot of people will only eat them if they are disguised in some way, Well, fair enough, as long as you eat your greens.

Now Deliveroo are selling, exclusively, The Sproutmas Burger. A cunning way of slyly slipping a sprout or two down the millennial maws.

Available for the entire festive season, the burger features pan-fried Cajun sprouts and bacon, chicken dusted with a secret sprout spice crust, a green cheese sauce, sweet potato and watercress.

And if that wasn’t enough, it can be served with mac and cheese sprout balls.

mcith_IMG_20181205_143139.jpgThe burger was created by Absurd Bird‘s  head chef using Brussels sprouts three ways,

The burger was created following research from Deliveroo that showed Brussels sprouts are the food at Christmas most people wished they liked but couldn’t bring themselves to try again.

Well we tried it and truth be told reaction was mixed. Some trying to scrape off the sprouts and others happily eating it. Cajun spice does a lot to disguise the flavour of sprout, it has to be said.

The burger can be ordered, exclusively through Deliveroo, for office Christmas parties and as the ultimate secret Santa present from Absurd Bird’s restaurants in London, Glasgow, Bath, Exeter and Leeds.

Orders can be placed online or through the app between 17:00 and 22:00 each day over the festive period.

The burger is priced at £9.95, or if you’re feeling absurdly (sic) sprout hungry you can get it with mac & cheese sprout balls for £12.99 all in.