Eat Natural, a company well known for creating tasty snack bars, has launched its new granola range – Granooolala.

What really caught my attention with the new range is that unlike many granolas on the market, these are low in sugar, contain zero refined sugars, and are packed with fibre, omega-3 and protein.

The new range comes in three tasty flavours.

The first, coffee and walnuts, is made with oats, rye crumbs and seeds. It has a slightly bitter edge that comes with a strong coffee, most probably from the ground up coffee beans that lace the cereal, which gives a nice punch first thing in the morning. This is accompanied by tasty nutty back notes.

As the festive season draws ever-closer, the cinnamon granola is the perfect choice. The is a well-spiced, warming cereal that is like taking a bite of a cinnamon bun. With a base of oats, seeds and almonds, it keeps you feeling full until lunch time too. What’s even better is it also tastes great when enjoyed with hot milk, perfect for the cold winter mornings.

My personal favourite from the new range is the cocoa and almonds, which is honestly like eating coco pops for adults. It is chocolatey but not sweet, and really quite comforting. I like mine with coconut milk for an extra nutty-layer. Delicious.

The new Eat Out range of Granooolalas are now available in Waitrose stores across the UK, RRP £2.99.