The reason a sliced supermarket loaf doesn’t go stale fast is that it has more preservatives stuffed in it than an Egyptian Mummy. So how do Everfresh stay, well, ever fresh?

mcith_8-enf_spr_wheat_carrot-raisin-4.jpWe all know sliced white bread is the devil’s sandwich choice. Pappy and tasteless it’s only advantage seems to be that it is indestructible. As a student, I found I could still get a slice or two out of a loaf that had been festering under the bed for weeks.

That was because of all the preservatives, emulsifiers and’flour treatment agents’. None of them what you might call good for you.

Everfresh Bread says it can do what is says on the pack. I was astonished to see a sell-by date of 20XX on the sample packs they sent in. Surely this was impossible in something advertising itself as natural and healthy?

Well the small print is, it only stays fresh while still in its wrapping. Once you undo the wrap and the air gets in, natural decomposition will begin immediately and it won’t hang around.

The secret they say is the way it’s made. The breads all use 100% sprouted whole wheat grain. In other words, the grain, which is a seed, is encouraged it to begin to grow and put out a tiny shoot.In this way the bread can be made without yeast, sugar or even water.

Sprouting allows the grain to release its goodness and converts many of the complex nutrients into much simpler forms that are then more easily absorbed by the body.

The bread is heavy, there’s no denying it. It has the size, shape and heft of a malt loaf. It’s dense and brick-like to the touch. I know, I’m not making it sound too good.


But hang on, carve a slice (thinly) and add some butter and you get a very tasty, chewy, slice. Ideal with a cup of tea mid-morning.

It also makes great sandwiches, although as the loaf is so small the sandwiches are not exactly big. That said, the density of the bread actually makes it rather filling, so you won’t want to eat that much anyway.

Is Everfresh even technically a bread? Well I don’t know. It is very tasty and it can function as bread, so perhaps best not to ask.

There are various bread choices available to buy online singly and in packs from Everfresh, Amazon.

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