Nick gets his teeth into some sausages that even gluten intolerants should tolerate

What an old expression’By heck’ is, or perhaps one should really say’by eck’ as it’s pronounced oop north where h’s get dropped faster than failing Premier League managers.

Heck means hell of course, a place that the gluten intolerant must feel themselves to be sometimes in. After all, it’s bad enough having to interrogate the menu in in every restaurant you enter without the feeling that perhaps, maybe, some people don’t actually believe you have a problem at all and you’re just being awkward.

Sausages can be a problem for the GIs, but by’eck help is at hand with a range of chicken sausages from a company called Heck

The Keeble family behind Heck are North Yorkshire sausage makers who pride themselves on low volume sausage production with fresh herbs and quality meat sent to you via the Interweb.

We took delivery of a selection of these chicken sausages to test

Zesty Chicken Chipolatas, Chicken Italia Chipolatas, Smoky Paprika Chicken Chipolatas were all skin tight with meat which, being chicken, was low fat too. We fried them all rather than incorporate into any recipes, of which there are a good selection on the website, in order to get a pure taste test.

Over the course of a week we tried them all and found them all very good. The texture of a chicken sausage is solid, far more so than with pork, which makes them snap to the bite rather like a good saveloy. Whether you like a denser textured sausage is personal, we soon got used to it

 All the flavours were pronounced without being assertive and small children ate them all up happily. We adults liked the zesty chicken best of all.

A nice product from what seems from the look of their very slick, post millennial website, a nice bunch of people. And yes there are pig products too, by’eck.

Buy direct or in Tesco’s