Hurly Burly makes organic,’raw’ slaws that are full of live cultures and brimming with natural and powerful flavours.

Jumping on the back of the trend for fermented foods following the recent hype around the likes of sauerkraut and kimchi, Hurly Burly saws are all naturally fermented, as well as being vegan, dairy, gluten and fat free.

Hurly Burly makes their slaws in three flavours – Jalapeno and Oregano, Turmeric and Cumin and Lemon and Ginger. Each slaw is made using a 2-3 week fermenting process to create zingy, crunchy, unique tasting slaws that are rich in lactobacillus, a microbe which promotes a happier, healthier gut. Apparently.

There’s no denying they’re zingy. The Jalapeno and Oregano slaw is a tad over fermented in my opinion. The pungent flavour punches you in the mouth the second you begin to eat it, overpowering anything you try to eat it with. The heat from the jalapenos is nice, however, and if you serve it with something rich or fatty, it does cut through and cleanse the palate.

The Lemon and Ginger slaw is a vibrant and fun bright purple colour, thanks to lashings of red cabbage. Again, it is quite a powerful flavour, but the lemon and ginger gives it a crisp and fresh taste. This ‘slaw works wonderfully with smoked salmon or as an addition to avocado and eggs on toast.

The Turmeric and Cumin slaw is a beautiful yellow colour and, thanks to those bold flavours, is quite rich and very fragrant. This adds a punch to refried rice if you just stir it through close to the end of the cooking process, or for a healthy twist on a classic comfort dish, top your jacket potato with it.

Hurly Burly slaws are fresh, tangy and flavourful. Not all of them are going to appeal to everyone, but chances are there will be one at least you like. You can pick them up in Whole Foods, Planet Organic or As Nature Intended, £5.75 for a 410g pot.