When a box that clearly had bottles inside arrived at reception, there was a small stampede to investigate. There always is.

A rather smart package opened up to reveal two bottles of some kind of beer. Jubel, it said

Apparently Inspired by the French tradition of Demi Pêche in the Alps and brewed in the UK Jubel is, the label said, a brand new light lager naturally infused with peach / elderflower and has become very popular in the South West of the UK since its launch in May 2017.   Now it’s arriving in London Bars and Restaurants and also available to purchase nationwide on Amazon.

It also says on the label that it is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and at only 125 calories a bottle and 4% ABV, a lighter lager.

Well we stuck the bottles in the fridge and cracked them open some hours later when suitably chilled.

Jubel Alpine (Peach) was a pleasant light amber and a real hit of peach on the nose. For some reason though it had no fizz, no head, I don’t know whether this was deliberate or a faulty crown cap.

Not our favourite, it tasted more like a sweet cordial than a beer, or perhaps a fruit cider, although it was certainly a pleasant drink and quite refreshing. Much better was the Jubel Urban (Elderflower).  Again, a bright gold colour and this time with a strong aroma of elderflower. This one did have a decent head and benefitted from what one expects from elderflower drinks, a dry sharper flavour that cleans the palate.

As a change up from the usual summer drinks, Jubel is certainly one to have in the fridge for when lager is a lazy choice, rose too recherché and over-hopped IPA too much too take in. It fits with sunny days and intense heat and feels kind of virtuous too.

And you can’t say that about beer very often, can you?

JUBEL (RRP: £4.50 – £5.50) is already available at Fuller’s pubs, The Stable and The Big Chill, and is available to purchase on Amazon.co.uk for delivery.

Jesse and Tom will be showing up at  festivals across the South in their brand new JUBEL DEFENDER this summer – a branded Land Rover Defender converted into a Jubel bar.