Lurpak generally make good butter: creamy, buttercup-hued indulgence. So when the brand released its new range of flavoured butters – I was mildly excited.

The ethos behind this range has been to complement’an assortment of breads’ while aiming to’pack a punch to your wrap’. This is quite some statement, as wraps, in my mind, have always hit out limply rather than struck me with any vigour.

Still, these might be the butters to strike a punch.  The old-fashioned part of me was still a little sceptical. Infused butters are not something new – I realise that; herb butters are a classic example. However, a part of me that felt reticent of butters infused with lime and chilli; smoked chipolata or sea salt and pink peppercorn.

The packaging didn’t encourage me much either; slightly flaccid and pale – the chipolatas painted on the front looked more like hooked fingers than smoked sausages. Still, the proof as they say, is in the eating.

The first to be sampled  was chilli and lime, which tasted very much like what one would expect. Combined with in a wrap with some mashed avocado, some cubes of roasted lambs and cumin, it worked very well. It added the requisite punch – and alongside a little kick from some salsa, it did indeed bring the wrap to life.

The second, the sea salt and pink peppercorn, I used to sauté some mushrooms. Although it didn’t make the pitta sing and dance, it did a good enough job of flavouring the mushrooms, though no different than normal salted butter. 

The biggest challenge for me was the smoked chipolata, but then perhaps I’ve never been a big fan of these sausages. The colour was too bright ­- almost auburn and didn’t evoke memories of food. Had I been brave enough to try more than a finger’s lick of the beurre, I’m sure it would have made a happy accompaniment to a burrito.

As it stands, I wasn’t overly enamoured by the butters. I can see their appeal — a quick transformation of the humble piece of bread, though for me, I’m a purist and prefer my butter to be more summer pastures rather than flamencos or seascapes.

All the Lurpak Spreadable Infusions retail at £1.25.