Microplane have done it again. They’re easing the daily grind with a new nutmeg and cinnamon 2-in-1 Spice Mill.

When a recipe calls for nutmeg or cinnamon, the first challenge is often finding either of them in the spice rack. So many jars, all pretty much identical.

Then comes the grind of grating. Most box graters don’t have a fine enough side for nutmeg or cinnamon. The latter shatters and the former leaves a lot left jammed in the holes, plus somehow one always seems to grate one’s fingertips, too.

The new Microplane Grater for cinnamon and nutmeg has of course the now legendary photo-etched steel Microplane grater, incredibly sharp and incredibly long-lasting. It’s recessed away from small fingers.

The really clever thing is that the rubberised grip part of the grater’s top doubles as airtight storage for the whole nutmegs and cinnamon. This way they are always kept fresh and to hand. Take out what you want, drop it into the grating chamber and twist away directly into the dish or pot.

A fine grate results, one that’s easily controllable. And when you’ve finished grinding, a rubber plug covers up the grating side and stops any’dust’ escaping when stored. No more messy shelves

It looks very smart and it works smart, it’s just what you need in the kitchen and another worthy addition to the Microplane range.

Available from Harts of Stur and independent cookshops nationwide. RRP £24.95