Microplane® has launched the new EcoGrateâ„¢ Series crafted in a bamboo fibre frame made from sustainable, organically grown Moso bamboo and polypropylene resin that’s produced with a lower carbon footprint than plastic.

mcith_EcoGrate.jpgThe eco-friendly, bamboo fibre frame is biodegradable when recycled or composted and there are four blade styles for specific, superior, grating results.

The long, narrow EcoGrateâ„¢ Zester is the perfect choice for cooks who prefer to use a rasp-style grater for zesting citrus fruit, avoiding the bitter white pith.  The Zester is also handy for saving valuable time when grating everything from hard cheese to ginger, garlic and nutmeg.

The three paddle-shaped graters include Fine, Coarse, and Extra Coarse blades:

The EcoGrateâ„¢ Fine Grater is perfect for grating aromatics and spices – shallots, onions, garlic and ginger – into a fine paste for gourmet cooking results. 

The grater also transforms Parmesan and other hard cheeses into a fluffy cloud for garnishing pasta and other savoury dishes. Spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon can also be grated using this blade to deliver perfect results.

The EcoGrateâ„¢ Coarse Grater creates larger texture grating of all types of hard cheese, carrots, coconut and ginger for savoury and sweet dishes. Highly versatile for everyday cooking and entertaining, the Coarse Grater is ideal for preparing hot and cold dishes from quiche, frittata, pasta sauces and hearty casseroles to soups.

The EcoGrateâ„¢ Extra Coarse Grater is a champion at making coleslaw and grating root vegetables like potatoes, onions and carrots for stir-fries, fritters and fresh salads. The Extra Coarse is also the blade of choice for grating cold butter for pastry or fresh coconut to garnish cupcakes and deserts.

A small hole at the end of the handle allows cooks to display the range on a kitchen wall or rack for easy access or, as the graters have a modern low-profile design and reusable protective cover, they can be stored safely in a drawer.

Whilst dishwasher safe, the long-lasting EcoGrateâ„¢ Series can also be cleaned quickly by simply rinsing under the tap.

The Microplane® EcoGrateâ„¢ Series, RRP £16.99, is exclusively available from Lakeland.