mcith_Canevel.jpgFor something a bit special to drink on Mother’s Day, we’ve chosen a very classy bubbly from Northern Italy and a sophisticated red from Australia’s Yarra Valley.

Canevel Vigneto del Faè Prosecco Superiore DOCG (Oakham Wines £21.49) is an ultra-dry, connoisseur’s Prosecco with delicate yet precise bubbles exposed in an astonishingly pure palate.

From a favoured single vineyard in the heart of the highest quality Valdobbiadene region, this wine stands well apart from the fashionable sweet and perfumed Proseccos that conspicuously populate our supermarket shelves.

In Vigneto del Faè, the character of the Glera grape variety (100%) and the premium terroir speak for themselves in a wine unencumbered by high levels of residual sugar.

This is a focussed Prosecco which reveals the most subtle notes of gorse, white flowers and crisp, green apple enhanced by a strongly mineral core. Enjoy this as an aperitif on a completely clean palate or with an antipasto of white anchovy and herbs.

mcith_De%20%20Bortoli%20Pinot.jpgAnd for the main course this Mother’s Day, a classically refined, medium bodied red wine with all the attributes to make an ideal partner for a wide range of fine foods. 

De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate Grown Pinot Noir 2016 (Richard Granger Wines £20.34) is an excellent example of a modern style of Australian winemaking which emphasises freshness and restraint over the all-out power of the past.

With a colour of antique ruby velvet, this rewarding Pinot Noir gives an early sign of its maturity on the palate.

Succulent cherry fruit flavours are ripe and full and suffused with herbal and vanilla notes.

The immeasurably fine tannins carry a pleasing sweetness balanced by a refreshing acidity on the finish. It’s a character that suits vegetable dishes, grilled poultry or red meats, as well as best quality hard cheeses.