We all need something a little calming now as we contemplate spending the rest of our lives in a lockdown/ let out cycle. Hibiscus tea can help.

mcith_HIBISCUS%20TEA.jpgWith its tart flavour, reminiscent of cranberries or barberries, hibiscus tea ( or perhaps more accurately infusion) has been around a very long time.

Popular throughout Central and Southern America and parts of Asia. It is made by infusing the pretty dried flowers with hot water to make a pleasing red tinged drink

I find it needs sweetening slightly, although usually I don’t take sugar in anything.

Natur Boutiques hibiscus tea is organic and made with hibiscus from the hills of Vietnam, No pesticides come near the plants and no chemical fertilisers either/

They also say they are rather unique in that they are a single ingredient tea.Some hibiscus teas are made by diluting the dried  flower extract with other ingredients, this makes the tea cheaper but also dilutes the flavour as well as the health benefits.Not an issue here.

If you’re looking for something soothing in these less than soothing times then this tea is a proper brew.Natur Boutique’s Hibiscus Tea is available from Ocado, Amazon, Health Stores and naturboutique.co.uk.

Please note: DO NOT USE if pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic or suffering with low blood pressure.