These days if we are not being told to pimp something, we’re being urged to kick it up a notch or take it to the next level.It seems we are all turning into Jamie Oliver when it comes to our vocabulary if not our cooking skills.

mcith_Screenshot%202020-07-21%20at%2012.So, you know, guys I was a bit dubious about these salad toppings.

To be fair, they come from Australia where such language is standard, although the founders originally came from Russia. 

Big on healthy foods, and subverting the stereotype of Russians as dismissive of anything organic, natural or non-alcoholic, they went to organic, sustainable, clean footprint farms to source their materials as locally as possible.

The Pimp My Salad range is one result, sprinkles to add crunch and extra flavour to leaves. Cashew and Parmesan, Coconut Bacon, Activated Superseeds, Spiced Sunflower seeds; the range is wide. Everything is, needless to say, vegan, gluten free and keto/paleo friendly.

Each is made using slowly dried cooking techniques, to ensure the nutrients in their ingredients stay intact, and each sprinkle adds extra goodness to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Coconut Bacon combines coconut flakes with herbs, spices and a natural woodsmoke to create a scrunchy bacon alternative, while Cashew Parmesan Cheez uses raw cashews, sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, organic kale and lemon peel.Activated Super Seeds mixes six seeds, including chia and poppy, with spices and tamari.

mcith_IMG_6237.jpgYou can buy them in’eco’ jars or in smaller pouches.We tried some pouches and were pretty impressed. The Super Seeds were excellent added to one of our allotment lettuces.

The mix of six most nutritions seeds are dehydrated at 46°C for 16-24 hours, so all nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are preserved. 

Not only did they add visual interest they had a good crunch and an umami buzz.

I’ve stopped eating bacon pretty much, not that I’ve gone full on veggie but because so much bacon is rubbish.So, the coconut bacon was a must try and yes it did actually taste like bacon. Not entirely of course, but a very good attempt.

The coconut sweetness and the smokiness did create a very good illusion.

The hardest part is not simply eating these straight out of the packets, as if they were Lilliputian snacks.

Good fun and rather healthy they do indeed pimp your salad, kick it up a notch and take it to the next level.

Or as some of us older chaps might say, they really are jolly tasty.

Available in Ocado. You can also find Pimp My Salad toppers in

Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett, Selfridges and your local health store.

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