Pure Leaf is the new kid on the tea block – expertly crafted, ethically sourced long leaf teas which are picked, rolled and dried to provide an authentic tea experience.

What’s more, they have launched with ten varieties – a mix of loose leaf and pyramid bagged – so you can create the tea experience best suited to you.

Although I’m an avid fan of green tea, I’ve never been able to jump on the mint tea bandwagon. However, Pure Leaf’s green tea blended with real peppermint leaves is cooling, refreshing, and converted me.

The chai tea looks beautiful in the bag – you can see all of the different spices, including cardamom, ginger and cinnamon, rather than it being an inconspicuous mush. The blend creates a cup of tea that is sweet and spicy, warming and fiery with the ginger.

For those looking for a more traditional brewing process, Pure Leaf’s traditional loose leaf Himalayan Darjeeling tea is an absolute winner, with smooth and sophisticated flavours and a distinct floral aroma. Thanks to it being loose leaf, you can easily customise the strength and flavour to create your perfect cup.

Pure Leaf really do know how to make a great cup of team. Simple, quality ingredients – everything you need for a midday pick me up.