Gold Standard Nutrition’s 24-pack of steamed and frozen chicken breasts are squarely aimed at a particular niche of the consumer market. I call them chicken-eaters, but you might know them as gym-junkies, cross-fitters, or the question’is it paleo?’ might come to mind. 

There are certain folk who eat a lot of protein and the only way to maintain the sort intake required by these lifestyles is to bulk-buy pre-cooked chicken and chicken-based snacks.

It’s my feeling that people who consume food as if it’s nothing more than fuel might look terrific, but probably don’t have much to say about food in terms of taste and quality. And I’ll be honest that when the enormous golden packet of frozen pre-cooked breasts arrived on my door step, I was sceptical. When something is lean, pre-cooked and defrostable it’s not usually on my radar.

I’ll admit, I was wrong about this one. I defrosted a breast to use on my socially divisive satay chicken pizza and it was well, actually, very nice. Breast meat will usually be dry if not cooked well, but the Gold Standard Nutrition chicken breasts are moist and what’s even more surprising is that they’re tasty; they really do taste like chicken.

You might think that’s a given but I can promise you it’s not, especially when it comes to defrosted pre-cooked meat.  This is real chicken breast meat; it’s not reconstituted white poultry that you will find in most frozen convenience food. And what’s more, for the convenience, this chicken is not that expensive, coming in at only a couple of pounds extra per kilogram.

So while Gold Standard’s chicken breasts might be targeted at the chicken-eaters of the world, there’s no reason that regular, less toned yet more discerning individuals, can’t take advantage. I’ve since used them in sandwiches, open-grills, ramen and even my kids’ beloved pesto pasta and on all fronts this chicken passes the test.