Islay whiskies are known for their quality, and their peaty smokiness.


The island  only has eight working distilleries but all their products share at base the same characteristic smoky peaty taste a result of the fact the island is largely made up of peaty soil.

That taste is not everyone’s cup of tea; Laphproaig whisky for example is a real marmite whisky, one which some people find horrible while others rave over.

I’m in the latter camp, but I can’t drink it all the time. It’s something to enjoy now and then.Seaweed & Aeons & Digging & Fire 10 Year Old comes from an unnamed Islay distillery, but I’d be surprised if it was found too far from Laphroaig.

I didn’t have a bottle to compare, but there are definite similarities.A cask bottled single malt, ten year aged whisky, finished in first-fill Oloroso sherry octaves.

It has a very distinctive modern design, look at those ampersands, and designers will note with satisfaction the sans-serif font.

So no sporrans, or kilts, or crossed claymores here, this is a whisky for younger drinkers who want something that stands out on the shelf.

And it is rather delicious. The smoky peatiness is stand out but not OTT, you don’t feel like you just stuck your head in a bonfire, it’s vanilla-creamy on the tongue with a hint of chocolate sweetness and has a full lingering finish, a point where the sherry notes really reveal themselves.

Perhaps I imagine a hint of sea air about it? A certain refreshing pininess? Like the slap you get when the wave hits the peakwater you’re standing on.

This is a crackingly good single malt, an introduction to peat and smoke that won’t leave you gasping and will have you refilling your glass long after the haggis has been dispatched.

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