Next time you are in the Surry Hills, head for the village of Shere and nearby you will fine the picturesque Silent Pool, a natural chalk pit in a fir lined forest and the nearby Gin distillery that goes by the same name.

Ask for Cory Mason, their master distiller and let him explain the background to their new offering for the Christmas period… a luxurious spray mist that will provide an immediate sensory lift to your Christmas Martini. Original in thought, the team at Silent Pool have created a garnish with the unmistakable flavours of traditional mulling spices: cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg and infused with a hint of Christmas tree. That’s right Christmas tree…  the team actually added a Christmas tree to the gin still in order to evoke the unmistakable tastes and smells of Christmas.

Using the Mist for the first time, I found that it made an immediate impact. Not only do the strong aromas of the spices combine to create a heady cloud around the drink, but the natural oils in the mist form a thin layer that combines with the distinct flavours of kaffir lime found in Silent Pool gin to deliver a unique taste combination.

With further mist sprays planned for each season of the year, I am looking forward to giving my G&T a seasonal boost, not just at Christmas, but  throughout the year.

If, like me, in the past you’ve experimented with different flavoured bitters, then you will find that the aromas delivered by the Mist deliver a more complex layer of sensory experiences. Add to that the theatre of spraying the mist and you will certainly have a talking point for your friends and family over the festive period.

You will find the Silent Pool being used in Cocktail bars up and down the country, but if you want to spray the aroma of Christmas at your own parties you will need to go on line and order it at The World of Zing .