Those of a nervous disposition are usually very nervous indeed of Mandolins. Not the stringed musical instrument, although they can be very frightening indeed as they suggest folk music may be about to be inflicted on you, but the kitchen kind.

A kitchen mandolin is a slicer. When you want multiple slices of a vegetable of all the same thickness, a mandolin is the answer. Perfect for slicing just about any vegetable. And your fingertips.

Because a mandolin is so fast and so sharp it’s all too easy to find your fingers get too close to the blade all too quickly.

So, the first thing to say is that the Microplane Gourmet Slicer comes with a hinged food guard/ vegetable holder that not only keeps your 2mm slices perfectly precise, but keeps your fingers well out of the way too.

Tubular veg such as carrots and courgettes can be held easily under the hinge, while the other side of the grip lets you lock firmly onto things like spuds and onions in order to slice them right down to the last millimetre without any danger to your fingers.

This model doesn’t adjust thickness, but 2mm is perfect for just about anything. For example, slicing potatoes for a Dauphinoise. This can be a tricky job with a knife and the slices will vary in thickness; with the Microplane Slicer you can get a pile of perfect slices literally in seconds.

Cucumbers are a cool breeze to slice into pretty rounds for summer drinks and courgettes circle into gratins with ease. Onions slice well to be put raw into salads or to be mixed with gram flour and water to make perfect onion bhajis. In fact,if you can cut it with a knife, you can slice it better with this slicer

It’s a handy size too; fitting perfectly into a cutlery draw. Most mandolins are rather large and awkward things, this is easy to whip out, wipe down, and put away. A plastic shield protects the blade and you when it’s not in use.

The handle is very good to grip, being made of quality soft grip rubber, and the end you rest on the chopping board or against a bowl edges is also the same rubber, making it stick firmly when in use. No slipping or sliding when you’re slicing

Stainless steel means it should last for years and you will be using it most every day.

A really useful addition to anyone’s kitchen armoury; you’ll wonder how you ever sliced without it.

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