It’s one of life’s little kicks in the teeth that while fat equals flavour fat also equals poor health. The Black Farmer’s gluten-free low-fat sausage may be the answer.

Don’t eat bacon, don’t eat sausages. Reduce your fat intake, eat healthy and die late.

Hardly seems worth it, really. I’m actually prepared to lose a few years of my life if the years I do have I get to enjoy. Even so, I do take some care and if my body is not exactly a temple, more one of those ruins buried in the Amazon jungle, a place once beautiful and now neglected, I do try and keep the roof on it and the walls intact.

And I do like a sausage, even if I am told by health freaks that sausages don’t like me. I don’t eat the rubbish ones, of course, I am not that crazy and so I pay more for proper pork sausages, but good ones contain fat too.

I even make my own, out of pork shoulder and the fact is that without a decent amount of fat they don’t taste all that great or slip easily into the skins. The Black Farmer already makes gluten-free sausages, for those people convinced that they are gluten-intolerant, and now there he has Reduced Fat sausages with 30 percent less fat than The BlackFarmer Premium Pork sausage.

So, we tried a pack, cooked them up in a Toad In The Hole. And they were really rather tasty, I wouldn’t have known they weren’t full fat except for one thing, they were very dense.

I imagine this is inevitable when you reduce fat, the meat compacts down. I suppose too, that leaving out gluten also makes for a denser sausage. So that caveat aside, personally I do like a’fluffier’ sausage, The Black Farmer’s Low-Fat Sausages seem a good way to enjoy your bangers and not feel guilty.