What do you do when your plastic or steel cooking utensils get too raggedy to use anymore? VIners has an eco answer

mcith_viners1.jpgWe’ve all got them.  The plastic cooking utensil – it could be a skimmer, a spatula, a strainer – that’s seen better days.

Worn out and frayed at the business end and usually, in our house at least, a bit melted in places where we left it too close to the gas ring. It looks grotty and unsanitary

Time for a new one but what do with the old? Stick it in the bin and it will end up at the landfill where it will never really rot away.

Even steel utensils, which at least will rust to dust eventually, invariably have plastic handles.Viners have an answer. The Viners Organic Collection.

It’s a brand-new line of cooking utensils. Made from 35% recycled materials (wheat fibre), these tools are biodegradable once you decide to switch them out and will naturally decompose in regular composting conditions in around 6 – 36 months.

The range features knife blocks made from wheat fibre, available in two colours, and a variety of kitchen utensils like stirrers, spatulas and mashers.

The wheat fibre used is a natural by-product from the wheat farming industry, one which has historically been burnt by farmers. Bad ThingThe wheat fibre will decompose under composting conditions within 6 to 36 months.

Up to 80% recycled steel has been used to make the knife blades. Good Thing.

We’re all Eco aware now and while it may seem only a small thing to use biodegradable kitchen tools, every little helps.

You can buy Viners Organic Collection from them direct here and they really aren’t at all expensive.

So pass on plastic in future and make cooking a bit more guilt-free with these snazzy organic tools.