Geronimo Inns and Young’s have paired with a selection of whiskey partners to create a series of World of Whiskey events, designed to educate people on their whiskey portfolio and help them discover their perfect whiskey.

We went along to the Diageo masterclass hosted at The Smith’s Cocktail bar in the basement of the Brook Green Hotel in Hammersmith.

When we arrived at the bar, we were greeted with a fantastic whiskey-based cocktail, which when drunk was swiftly replaced by our first whiskey of the evening – Haig Club Clubman. Clubman has some of the deep flavours of Haig Club after being matured in ex-bourbon casks but is predominately made for mixing. Because of this, it was a very easy-drinking whisky and the perfect start to our evening.

Next, Bulleit Bourbon made with a unique blend of rye, corn, and barley malt along with special yeast stains and Kentucky limestone water. The Diageo bartender clearly knew what he was talking about, and took us through the smooth flavours, the gentle spiciness and sweet oak aromas and the toffee finish.

Finally, we tried the rye whiskey which was deep and golden in colour and tasted of vanilla, honey and spice. This was by far my favourite whiskey of the night and my choice for creating my old fashioned. I never realised how simple the recipe for an old fashioned is which, considering how many I have sampled, is ridiculous. Simply add ice, orange, sugar and angostura bitters to a glass and crush with a muddler. Then, add a shot of your favourite whiskey and enjoy.

If you’re looking for a unique evening out or something a bit different to a night in a bar, the World of Whiskey masterclass was a fun, educational and enjoyable evening and one I would definitely recommend.