The sun is out and the mercury is rising…Tudor thinks it’s time he took the pink gin challenge. 

If like me you thought that pink gins were an unnecessary fancy, a bit of colouring or a hint of raspberrty, then be prepared to change your mind.  Those good people at Edgerton (more of this to follow) have recently launched a fabulous pink gin that has 15 different botanicals and a vibrant pink colour derived from pomegranate

As with most great drinks, there is a hugely qualified and great personality behind the product. In this case it’s Martin Edgerton Gill, formerly owner of the London Gin Company.

Martin discovered that whilst superb taste in the glass is key to the long-term success of a quality brand, colour really works too. His creation, the world’s first blue gin “London No 1 Blue” sold in 2010 to Gonzalez Byass of Spain, has been a huge success.

But rather than retire on the sale of London Gin, he decided to explore the possibilities of a pink gin.

Gill’s father had spent five years in the Royal Navy during World War II and brought home with him a love of pink gin. This traditional nautical tipple, consisting of gin and Angostura bitters, was launched in 1824 initially as a cure for seasickness. 

However, its popularity in civilian life grew apace and by the late eighteen hundreds it had become a favourite in fashionable bars throughout the world.

With history and experience on his side Martin, who had pioneered herbal teas in the nineteen eighties, used his considerable knowledge of herbs and spices to create a totally new and contemporary pink gin. Quite apart from the enticing rosiness, it is a delightful and complex gin blended with no less than fifteen exotic ingredients, including pomegranate.

Edgerton Pink has a complex structure. Hints of lemon, cinnamon push through with the first taste, but a second wave of flavours appear from the combination of Damiana (from Mexico), Grains of Paradise (from West Africa) and Orris Powder. These are flavours that one would normally associate with Moroccan Cuisine, not with a Gin distilled in London.

Though terrific with tonic water, depending on your taste buds there are some great cocktails you can make with Edgerton Pink.  A Pink Collins provides a subtle twist on the standard Tom Collins and if you are searching for a classic winner try it in a Negroni. But my favourite for the summer will definitely be the Pink Smash, served over crushed ice with, wait for it, a trace of balsamic vinegar. It’s delicious.

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Edgerton Pink retails for £24.49 and can be purchased at:


On foot:Fortnum & Masons, Selfridges

So now it’s time to make your own Pink Smash.

Pink Smash – Ingredients

    1/4 cup Edgerton Pink Gin

      2 lime wedges

      2 1 inch cucumber rounds

      1 hulled strawberry

      1 tbsp simple syrup

      1.5 tsp balsamic vinegar

      Crushed ice

    Strawberry for garnish

Pink Smash – Method

      1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle the lime wedges, cucumber, strawberry, simple

           syrup and balsamic

      2. Add in your gin & mix

      3. Pour into a glass that is half full of crushed ice

    4. Stir, add more ice and garnish