It’s one of our favourite treats after a long, hot day’s work; a plate of tapas served with a cold glass of Fino sherry.

The bone-dry, savoury intensity of Fino seems to capture the very essence of southern Spain.

Now Tio Pepe, the world’s best-selling Fino, is keen for us to explore the sherry’s potential as a cocktail ingredient and has come up with four tantalising cocktail recipes served by some of London’s top bartenders:


‘Pepe Sour’ at 1 Lombard Street

30 ml Tio Pepe

30 ml Cognac 

25 ml Sauvignon Blanc

10ml apricot brandy

15ml Nectar Pedro Jimenez

5ml lime juice

1 egg white

Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake well. Strain into a copita glass without ice.


‘Señorita Mermelada’ at The Landmark London  

60ml Tio Pepe

30ml orange marmalade shrub

20ml Lepanto Brandy

Splash of Cava

Stir the ingredients in a coupe glass.

Garnish with lemon zest and thyme sprig. 


‘Med Martini’ at The Royal Exchange

20ml Tio Pepe

40ml Gin Mare

10ml lemon juice

10ml sugar   

1 egg white 


Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass.


‘Sunshine in Jerez’ at The Vault Soho

10ml Tio Pepe 

50ml Fords Gin 

25ml fresh lemon juice 

10ml Dolin Chamberyzette Vermouth

10ml sugar syrup (1:1 golden caster sugar to water)  

Shake and double strain into a decorative rocks glass. Garnish with a mint sprig and lemon zest.


James Chandler, Bar Manager at The Vault Soho, says’For me, when creating and composing a cocktail, using Tio Pepe as an ingredient adds an amazing savoury complexity. It contains just recognisable notes on the palate that you don’t get with any other ingredient, and like seasoning in cooking, you really notice the difference when it’s not there.’

Tio Pepe fino is available nationwide at all major retailers including Sainsbury’sWaitrose and Tesco. RRP £10.00