Foodepedia were one of the first to dive spoons into Unilever’s new tub format Magnum ice-cream last night. 

The 440ml tub contains Magnum’s famous vanilla ice-cream with shards of milk or white chocolate, all encased and topped with an irresistible chocolate shell. 

The current flavours derive from Magnum’s three most popular: classic, white and almond- the latter containing small segments of almond for a subtle, nutty aftertaste. 

Keeping with the style of the original Magnum, the shell has to be cracked before your spoon can reach the cream, fittingly suiting their tag line for the product,’made to be broken’.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the product, however, is the shards of broken chocolate hidden within the ice-cream throughout the tub. Undoubtedly, the best part of a Magnum is the smooth chocolate shell hugging the ice-cream. With this product in a tub, that best bit never has to end. 

Magnum tubs can now be bought at leading supermarkets including Tesco, Ocado and Iceland, with an RPG price of £3.85.