If you possess a sweet tooth, you’re going to positively drool over Sally McKenney’s new book, Sally’s Candy Addiction.

From marshmallows to caramels to brittle bars, from fudge to candied nuts to truffles, the whole chocolate box is on display in full colour thanks to food blogger Ms McKenney’s mouth-watering photography. Clear instructions are provided with tips gleaned from hours of painstaking trial and error sprinkled through the pages like hundreds and thousands. There’s even advice on the best way to clean toffee off your pan.

Most recipes are so easy to make, taking less than an hour, but gen up in advance as some processes require setting time for a few hours, like Dark Mocha Chocolate Truffles, Ganache Filled Chocolates, Peanut Butter Fudge, Creamy Cranberry Pistachio Fudge and Chocolate Sea-Salt Caramels. Do check recipes because some can be stored in airtight tins for days, refrigerated or frozen before coating and decorating so are great for making in advance.

Nuts, cereals and popcorn create easy treats; savouries dipped in chocolate and sprinkles add a new dimension to snacks; and mixtures containing shop-bought candy bars and sweets are easy to adapt into something else with melted marshmallow or chocolate.

If you’re concerned about the volume of sugar and burgeoning calorie counts, try making the Saltwater Taffy – the pulling and stretching technique required to create volume is as good as a workout.

It’s surprisingly easy to make these treats, not to mention impress your friends with a sweet gift. Just take the time to read through the introductory pages explaining ingredients, techniques and equipment before you start and you won’t be disappointed.

{ISBN: 1631060317}

Race Point Publishing