If you’ve been lucky enough to eat up in the skies, and often alongside some stars, at Duck & Waffle you may have also bought Dan Doherty – Duck and Waffle: Recipes and stories a great way to attempt to recreate the magic at home.

But that’s restaurant food and what Dan wants to share now are his favourite dishes to whip up at home, ones to chill out to, to wake up to and also to help ease the pain of a hangover. We’re all human, right?

For him this means easy-peasy breakfast/brunch style dishes –  things to slam onto toast, hashed up dishes using last night’s delicious leftovers, stuff made using the magic power of an egg added, gear from under the grill, pots to whack in the oven and puddings to pile on the pounds in a happy way.

It’s all very on-trend of course; unfussy food to eat in your Hoxton flat with an ironic hat on your head, but there’s very little in this book any of us would push out the house; smoked haddock with crispy onions and a curry sauce would wake the dead or a buttery parsnip and apple with a grilled bacon chop for example (leftover pork works just as well Dan assures us).

I’d be happy to eat a harissa Bolognese with baked eggs and runny cheese all day long and I’d still find room for spicy sausage and lentil bake with kale and pickled walnuts, I mean it has kale in it so it’s healthy right? Oh, who cares.

The plum jam roly-poly with Amaretto custard might challenge the hung-over to make without causing one hell of a mess, but spooning it in amidst the chaos of what used to be your kitchen would make up for all that and then you could just go and collapse in front of the telly until your energy returned.

You might call this dude-food but these days when so many ladies like to use the word’bloody’ a lot and act all feisty and mean it’s really food for everyone under, perhaps, forty.

That should rule me out, but hey I’m young at heart as well as stomach so I’ll be eating a lot from this tasty book from one of the millennial generation’s finer chefs.