To celebrate the Daiquiri Day 19th July a number of bars in London and abroad created rum inspired cocktails for whole of July.

The popularity of rum is at an all-time high, with sales taking over from whisky for the first time ever.

Premium and luxury rums such as Ron Santiago de Cuba are at the forefront of this trend with consumer interest and discovery at its peak. While the Cuban Daiquiri is at the centre of this rum renaissance.

We are told by the bars participating in the rum celebration that this fine classic cocktail is also the number one, best-selling rum cocktail served there.

Daiquiri Week is a celebration of the beloved, classic Daiquiri cocktail whereby Ron Santiago de Cuba partners with a selection of world leading bars across some of the most exciting cities around the world.

Today 19th July is Daiquiri Day so Ron Santiago de Cuba is hosting its second annual Daiquiri Week from Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd July across multiple markets in Europe and Cuba.

Cities such as Paris, London, Havana, Madrid and Torino are all taking part. Here in London, bars such as Coya, Mr Fox, Alma London, Hawksmoor Air Street, Trailer Happiness and Nightjar Shoreditch will bring the Daiquiri into the hands of rum and cocktail enthusiasts across the capital.

Ron Santiago de Cuba is traditionally recognised as the highest expression of Cuban rum making tradition from the South-East of the island. So, it is not only the perfect choice for a naturally sweet yet balanced Daiquiri.

But it also shares geographical history with its place of birth, in Daiquiri itself.

A commonly accepted version of how the first Daiquiri evolved is attributed to the general manager of the Daiquiri iron mine in the nineteenth century.

His granddaughter claims that he ran out of gin when some guests came to visit him, so he improvised with rum, lime juice and sugar.

The drink was such a hit that it was decided it must be given a name. Therefore, in dedication to his mine and the village, he supposedly named it The Daiquiri, or so the tale says.

Either way Daiquiri is a great cocktail when made with a good quality rum. Here is the list of bars participating in the Daiquiri theme this month.

COYA – A Latin American inspired restaurant and bar created “It’s a Sor-real Daiquiri” 50ml Ron Santiago De Cuba 11 Years Old (clarified with crème fraiche) 15ml Grapefruit & lime oleo saccharum 20ml Lime juice Sorrel foam garnish.

“Jennings-Whey” created by Hawksmoor Air Street – is 45ml Butter washed Ron Santiago De Cuba 11-Year-Old, 45ml Custard Clarified “Daiquiri mix”, 6 drops Scrappys Lime Bitters.

“Habana Vieja” by Nightjar Shoreditch – 45ml Ron Santiago De Cuba 11-Year-Old 40ml Mango Purée 2 Drops of Zara Tincture Mango Shrub & Fresh Lime.

Mr Fox – “Plátano de Fuego” 60ml Ron Santiago De Cuba 11-Year-Old 40ml Plantain, Pineapple & Scotch Bonnet Syrup, 20ml Fresh Lime Juice & Two Kaffir Lime Leaves, One dash of Salt Solution.

And one of my personal favorites “I’ll Just Have Rum and Coke” – Ron Santiago 11-year- old extra anejo, caleno dark & spicy, clarified guava & lime curd and mandarin mist. It’s so fruity and smooth. Availible at Alma London.

Trailer Happiness – “The Underdog” 50ml Ron Santiago De Cuba 11-Year-Old 20ml, Clarified Banana Syrup, 20ml Kumquat Superjuice, 5ml Fino Sherry.

More information can be found here