Cocos Organic have launched a series of new products, including the UK’s first Organic Coconut Milk Yog Tubes, and a brand-new Light Organic Natural Yoghurt. 

It is January, also known as Veganuary. The month when many of us jump on a mission to eat healthy, cut outanimal products, alcohol and attend the gym, well at least for a first few weeks. 

If you are from the above group, or just like yogurts, I encourage you to try Cocos products.  Cocos is an independent family-run dairy free brand that produces gut friendly and all-natural coconut food and drink products. 

Every product in the Cocos Organic range is organic, all-natural, made from whole ingredients and is free from dairy, lactose, gluten and soya.  

The brand makes their coconut milk yoghurt in the UK, with each containing billions of live vegan cultures and 98% pure organic coconut milk: the highest coconut content available on the market. 

And if you are on the health conscious team, you are well aware of the research on the link between gut happiness and mental, skin and overall health wellbeing. 

Cocos is also the only coconut milk yoghurt that contains absolutely no preservatives, additives or refined sugar.  The business is proudly Vegan Society and Soil Association approved.  

I have consumed a fair bit of Cocos yogurt pots in the last few years. It is one of the only vegan dairy alternatives I like. It is organic, which is a huge plus for me – the organic advocate. It also does not contain any flavorings or those unnecessary bulking up ingredients.  

I have tried most of the dairy alternative yogurts on the market here and many especially soya based can be a little powdery and chalky even. Not to mention their ingredients list barely fits on the packaging.  

Cocos is different though, both the light and classic version have very yogurt like consistency. It is smooth and velvety, almost like a set cow’s milk yogurt.  

The Light Cocos was great to just eat from a tab with a spoon, or even as a savoury dip. It is pleasantly refreshing and goes very well in both granolas or sweet things. I like to dip squares of dark chocolate in it as a dessert. 

It also worked amazingly as a dip for fried potatoes I made the other day. It was almost like a lighter version of sour cream with a very subtle hint of coconut.  

If you are not a fan of coconut flavour you’ll find it barely noticeable and rather light here, completely lacking that sickly fatty heaviness of a coconut. 

For a more fruiter note I also tried Cocos Organic Coconut Milk Yog Tubes, which are brand new.

Like all Cocos products they are vegan, organic and refined sugar free. Although designed for kids over six months old I enjoyed them just as much. 

They are made from pure organic coconut milk, real strawberry puree and natural banana flavourings, the spoon-free range comes in a box of five, which makes them perfect for school lunch boxes, picnics or days out. 

The yog is fortified with live bacteria, including Bifidobacterium BB-12, which is fermented with the coconut milk overnight to create a tangy, live coconut yoghurt alternative that contains billions of live bacteria.

Interestingly Bifidobacterium BB-12 is the world’s most researched probiotic strain, reported to be associated with benefits across multiple health concerns including digestive issues, respiratory conditions, oral health and immunity in addition to improving skin conditions in infants. 

I could go on and on about the health side of the Bifidobacterium BB-12, but I won’t. This is not that type of an article instead if not for the health side you should try it for the flavour reason.

They were pleasantly strawberry like and quite refreshing. Texture wise the strawberry yogs have the same light texture as the Cocos Light with subtle coconut hint and strawberry. Banana was not as obvious.

However, both myself and my nieces, probably them even more than me, loved them. I normally prefer non flavoured yogurts. I was curious about their view as big Greek style yogurt fans. 

Vegan alternatives can be daunting sometimes but definitely far less so than before. I think the vegan industry has come far nd created many products that are delicious just as they are, without being a substitute for an animal product but rather an independent product. 

Cocos is definitely one of those products that you should try because it is tasty while also being good for you although it might be on a slightly pricier side compared to diary yogurts it is definitely worth it. 

Cocos Organic Milk Yog Tubes are available at Waitrose, Ocado and Abel & Cole with an RRP of £3.25 5x 40g. 

Cocos Organic Light Natural Alternative is available at Waitrose, Ocado and Abel & Cole with an RRP of £4.99 for 400g.