Tea Heritage launched a brand-new Christmas Collection essential for the festive season for yourself or as a gift.

I have talked about Tea Heritage organic tea company earlier this year. Tea Heritage is a boutique company, which produces flavourful and unusual organic teas.

One of most visually defining features of Tea Heritage is probably their holiday and season themed teabag shapes and tea tags.

The website lets a customer choose their preferred shape of the tea bag, the flavour that goes inside it and the tag.

For example, for the winter season there are penguin, mitten, skate, star and of course Christmas tree and snowmen options, to name just a few.

To celebrate the winter season Tea Heritage have also created charming gifts for the Christmas Collection. There is not denying I am quite a fan.

The Collection features a beautifully illustrated Tea Advent Calendar and a selection of hand-stitched, organic loose-leaf tea bags that are the perfect gift for tea lovers this Christmas.

The Tea Heritage Christmas Advent Calendar is beautifully illustrated and packed with 25 hand-stitched, organic loose leaf tea bags. This year’s calendar features an assortment of 22 tea bags and 3 chocolates from the Fresh chocolate maker, Louis Simart.

penguin tea heritage

The Tea Heritage Christmas Glove Tea provides an immersive Christmas experience, designed to help tea lovers relax, unwind and take a moment for themselves over a cup of beautifully crafted tea.

Each purchase includes 5 tea bags which are hand sewn in the Tea Heritage workshop in Lyon, France and use organic cotton thread, with no chemicals. All of the herbal teas included in the Christmas Glove Tea are organically grown.

The Tea Heritage Christmas House includes 10 hand-stitched, organic loose leaf tea bags with 5 of Organic Earl Grey Tea and 5 of Organic Christmas Black Tea.

Tea Heritage’s Christmas House Tea Bag can be hung on an indoor Christmas tree and used as a Christmas decoration, making it the great gift for the holidays.

The Christmas Collection also offers a loose-leaf Christmas Tea. The Christmas tea contains real pieces of fruit and spices including Ceylon black tea, rose petal, bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, orange peel, apple and almond.

It was one of my favourates in the Christmas Collection. It had delicate sweet notes without being sickly and with a hint of spice. It also smelled amazing. The tea evokes the traditional English Christmas smell and taste.

The palette of flavours is perfectly satisfying to be a treat on its own. For those times when you crave something dessert like but don’t want it to affect your waistline.

Another popular cold season flavour is pumpkin spice. In general, I am not a fan of spiced pumpkin but this flavour was preferred by my guest.

Christmas house tea heritage

Tea Heritage makes it in an organic variety. It is available loose and in tea bags. The base is Ceylon black tea with carrot, pumpkin, cloves and caramel. It was a well balanced tea, not sugary with a warming caramel scent. 

Tea Heritage’s products are all designed by Elodie Fagot, founder of the brand and are created by hand in the company’s workshop in Lyons by a team of 30 people.

Each craftsperson is trained intensively for a month to master the art of hand sewing the intricate designs.

Many of the team have been with Tea Heritage for seven or eight years. Incredibly, some of the team that hand stitch the tea bags are blind or partially sighted.

These talented members of the team live nearby in Lyons and are part of an active recruitment drive by founder Elodie to employ a diverse team and give back to the local community.

Tea Heritage responsibly sources its ingredients worldwide, including green tea from China and Japan, black tea from India and Sri Lanka, South African rooibos and herbal teas from France. Great care is taken to only use organic ingredients in all products.

All of the brand’s tea bags are all made with food-grade gauze and sewn with organic cotton, making them compostable if the tag is removed before recycling into food waste and the products don’t contain any chemicals which could rub off in boiling water and the bags don’t contain any glue or staples.

Tea Heritage’s Christmas Collection is available for sale on the brand’s website