You can never have enough kitchen plug points, so the new KitchenAid Go Cordless range is perfect. Six appliances, powered by one shareable 12V battery

We had our kitchen done up a few years ago, a total gut out and start again. The first thing our builder said, looking at the empty shell, was ‘how many wall plug points do you want?’

I was inclined to only have a few here and there, but our builder pointed out that the actual material costs were small and once the kitchen was finished adding more points would be expensive and messy.

So we had loads put in,  and yet they are all now being fully used and any extra device means another device has to be unplugged.

Cordless is definitely the way to go, although of course any cordless device will still need the occasional charge from a plug.

A recent and welcome improvement in power tools is the ‘one for all’ battery. Batteries make up a large part of a cordless device’s cost, so sharing one battery between various devices is a money saver.

Now that spirit comes to the kitchen with the new KitchenAid Go Cordless System – a range of powerful, cordless kitchen appliances, with just one removable Lithium Ion Battery battery. You can buy one device with the battery and then the rest of the range without, if you want. Or buy one extra battery so you have a spare, things always tend to run flat when you least want them to, after all. A set of lights on the battery indicates the amount of charge left.

The range includes six appliances; a Hand Mixer, Hand Blender, Food Chopper, Personal Blender, Coffee Grinder and Kitchen Vacuum. All are very stylish looking, as you expect from KitchenAid, and have the usual reassuring solidity and sense of proper quality build that will last a lifetime.

We took the coffee grinder for a test, our own mains grinder being on its last legs.

The battery is certainly impressive, a hefty 12 volter,  so lots of power there. It detaches of course and is charged by a USB C cable supplied in the box, but most of us will have a few cables lying around anyway.

Initial charging takes a while, after three hours we impatiently tried the grinder and it went flat almost immediately. A full overnight charge though has now lasted us over a week of coffee making. 

We found the machine not quite as powerful as our mains machine, grinding took a little longer, and we needed to upend the machine a few times as it ground the bottom beans well, but only shattered the beans on top, but shaking it all up every now and then solved that.

The locking  and safety system is solid and foolproof, no way you could accidentally shoot beans everywhere, or get a finger chopped. Very capacious too, KitchenAid reckon you can grind enough coffee for 12 cups at a time. The stainless steel beaker makes a handy place to store excess for next time.

The full range is below, with KItchen Aid’s details

KitchenAid Go Cordless System has won the 2024 Grand Prix de l’Innovation, which celebrates the most remarkable innovations for the home. Presented by Foire de Paris, Europe’s largest retail trade show, the award recognises major consumer trends and products that make a difference to customers.


  • Designed to minimise mess by standing on its own to keep the beaters clear of the work top 
  • The Soft Start feature brings the beaters up to the selected speed gradually to help prevent ingredients from splattering 
  • 7 speeds allow for slow stirring of chunky ingredients, medium speeds for creaming butter or sugar, and high speeds to whip egg whites 
  • Dishwasher-safe Stainless Steel Turbo Beater II Accessories designed to thoroughly mix ingredients 


  • Dishwasher-safe removable pan guard to help protect your cookware 
  • Removable 17.78cm Blending Arm with a 4-point Stainless Steel blade designed to efficiently blend ingredients for smoothies, milk shakes, sauces and soups 
  • Variable speed trigger switch allowing for greater flexibility and control 
  • Ergonomically designed safety switch for single-handed operation 
  • Dishwasher-safe 700ml BPA-Free Blending Jar with Lid to simplify individual blending and serving 


  • Comes with a larger 1L BPA-Free Blending Jar with Lid. Additional accessories include: Whisk attachment, Chopper attachment with Blade and Bowl 


  • Twist-free, one-click bowl assembly and latched lid with drizzle basin, to trickle in just the right amount of oil or other liquids whilst processing for homemade mayonnaises and vinaigrettes 
  • Space-saving all-in-one storage design that stores blades and whisking accessory in the work bowl 
  • 1.18L capacity and multi-purpose stainless steel blades to mix, chop and purée ingredients to perfection 
  • 2-Speed settings control how fast or slow you chop, mix, whisk or purée 
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl, blades and whisking accessory for easy clean-up 


  • Blends ingredients for smoothies or icy treats with a specially designed blade 
  • Dishwasher-safe, the 473ml (16-oz) capacity jar is designed to fold contents back onto the blades to create a powerful blending vortex 
  • The cutting-edge asymmetric blade blends at four distinct angles pull ingredients into the centre for ultimate crushing 
  • Includes travel lid for on-the-go drinks 
  • 2 push buttons: On/Off and Pulse 


  • One-touch control grinds whole coffee beans quickly and easily 
  • Powerful stainless steel blade can grind up to 12 cups of coffee at a time 
  • Included lid allows for easy storage of ground coffee beans 


  • Pick up crumbs, coffee grounds, and other dry meal prep messes in hard-to-reach kitchen spaces with the expertly designed crevice tool 
  • 2-in-1 reversible, wide angle attachment to use as a wide mouth suction tool or scraping tool if something is stuck on the surface 
  • Easily stored on countertops or in a kitchen drawer thanks to the sleek and compact design 

Each product featured in the KitchenAid Go Cordless System is also available for purchase without a battery RRP £149 per product (the Cordless Hand Blender Plus Accessories without battery RRP £189). 


  • 12-Volt MAX battery¹ powers the entire KitchenAid Go Cordless System 
  • Includes a USB-C charging cable² 
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery delivers optimal runtime and performance, fully charged in around 3 hours 
  • Battery indicator lights signal when it is time to charge the battery 

Just snap the battery on and go, and go, and go, and go … 

The KitchenAid Go Cordless in Matte Black – with or without a battery – is 

available from 

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