This December, Melrose and Morgan, the modern deli and kitchen, and purveyors of all things Christmas has launched their Christmas special – the Mince Pie Doughnut with a spiced dipping sauce.

It’s exclusively available at their Hampstead and Primrose Hill shops through the month of December.

The recipe has been created by Melrose and Morgan’s chef Mauro Faure to embrace the festive season, spinning a twist on the time-honoured flavours of a mince pie and melding two beloved baked favourites into one delightful delicacy.  

The mince pie doughnut brings together two baked favourites; the pillowy-soft, sugar coated bun filled with Melrose and Morgan’s award-winning mincemeat.

It may sound like a bit of a controversial take on a festive classic, but it was a pleasant surprise when I got to try it.

It’s fluffy on the outside with a generous runny mincemeat filling inside. I often find mice pies a little dry, but these have a juicy centre. The doughnuts are rich and aromatic infused with the comforting flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg.

The doughnuts come accompanied by the spiced dipping sauce, a warming concoction for an extra layer of indulgence to the Christmas special.

In addition to the Mince Pie Doughnuts Melrose and Morgan shops also offer freshly-baked Ginger and Cranberry or Festive Iced Loaf Cake, created especially for the season.

The visitors can also stock up on everything they will need for the season from festive treats such as mince pies, fine wines and brimming wicker hampers.

Melrose and Morgan mince pies are made with a buttery vanilla crust, filled with spiced apples, raisins, sultanas, currants and citrus peel and a glug of brandy, they’re best paired with a generous dollop of Melrose and Morgan’s whipped Somerset Cider Brandy Butter.

And for the little ones, and grown-ups too, there will be Gingerbread Stars reminiscent of cosy nights spent by the Christmas tree. 

While the Melrose and Morgan Christmas Hampers are filled to the brim with cheese, biscuits, teas, coffee, wine and spirits, spiced Christmas nuts, savoury crackers, and all the essential festive delights.

Deluxe hampers may encompass more hearty Christmas favourites like traditional Christmas Pudding and a decadent sugar-glazed Stollen – packed with marzipan, citrus peels, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom, dipped in rum and melted butter and rolled in sugar, the fragrant loaf can be enjoyed warm or cold with a hearty brew of Christmas tea.

The festive range can be found at both the Hampstead and Primrose Hill delis, online or through select retailers such as Selfridges.