Cathedral City cheese recently polled the nation to find out how we enjoy our cheese and the results are very interesting.

To mark British Cheese Week Cathedral city asked people in different parts of the UK what cheese dish is their favourite. In London people went for the cheeseboard, in Manchester they’re fans of the cheesy bake, cheddar topped Shepherd’s Pie is a hit with the Scots, in Cardiff cheese on toast came out on top and in Bristol the Ploughman’s Lunch was most popular.

As part of their project aimed at finding out why Brits love their cheese so much, Cathedral City found out that 58% of the public love cheese just as much as chocolate!

Cathedral City also teamed up with ‘Taste Psychologist’ Greg Tucker who reported that ‘After studying over 10,000 UK respondents, what we found was that when eating Cheddar people still felt the same enjoyment as they did when eating chocolate. They gained a feeling of reward and pleasure from the creamy, dairy, full flavour. However, the advantage cheese has, is that people felt that they had eaten real, quality food, and did not report back feelings of excess and guilt.”

We all know the tagline for Cathedral City cheese is ‘the nation’s favourite’ but the scale of their cheese production is quite amazing; 25 million kilograms of Cathedral City are produced each year and 420 British farmers help to make Cathedral City cheese.