Clueless about charcoal, not entirely grabbed by gas? Then Weber’s new electric BBQ – LUMIN – is the one to light your fire.

If you’ve got an urban garden, or just a balcony, you may think the joys of grilling are not for you, but fear not because Weber have you covered.

Open flame grills, whether charcoal or gas are not always ideal or even allowed, in some urban areas.  Both can also present difficulties anyway, from cleaning up and  carrying in big bags of charcoal, to the cost of a gas bottle that you may not use more than a few times in  season.

You’ll love a LUMIN BBQ though

Weber are the big name in BBQs, and have been for decades, but they don’t rest on their laurels. LUMIN is their answer to urban BBQ angst

The all-electric LUMIN has a unique smoke infusion and can reach temperatures of over 315°C for proper steak searing. It can also smoke, steam and boil, with a turn of a dial. 

It even has a keep warm feature, so guests can serve themselves and give you a break, plus a chance to eat your creations.

Other features include a porcelain-enamel steel lid and cook box for long-term corrosion resistance. And you can get other accessories, including a stand, grill cover, griddle insert, and more. 

The LUMIN can also be bought with a compatible stand which is easily foldable and can be packaged away between uses. 

Of course you do need a power supply, but an extension cord will do the job, and the LUMIN is weather resistant.

We enjoyed a demo with Weber Ambassador Andi Oliver and the results were very impressive, even though the weather was awful. Perfectly cooked steaks, superb semi-steamed salmon, skewers of prawns and even fabulous grilled fruits.

I’m a big fan of charcoal grills, but to be able to get out a BBQ and be grilling in moments, and still get authentic flavour, is a big game changer. The bright sparks at Weber have triumphed again.

Weber’s LUMIN is available on and from retail partners across the United Kingdom. Outdoor cooks can select from full-size or compact models, which are available in black.

Weber has generated 3D Augmented Reality QR codes so everyone can experience LUMIN up close and personal.

Prices for LUMIN:

Lumin Compact black w/stand £490.00

Lumin Compact black £399.00

Lumin black w/stand £679.00

Lumin black £579.00