Chimichurri inspired brand Chimilove just launched a new sauce flavour Red Jalapeño & Chipotle Mayo.

Chimilove is a South American inspired plant-based sauce brand. As the name suggests it revolves around spices that go into chimichurri.

The brand was set up by a dynamic due Jacques and Karen.  Jacques, a Cape Town native with a zest for the outdoors and a seasoned history in the hospitality and film industries, co-founded CHIMILOVE.

Jacques’ career and life journey went from the heart of Modern British cooking at Kensington Place to the pulsing scenes of the famous Fabric nightclub and onto the film sets of London.

While Karen’s a Colombian powerhouse, entrepreneur, and eco-warrior, brought her passion for food, fashion, and community to the UK, eventually turning a family recipe into the heart of their brand.

Together, they’ve combined their love for adventure, sustainability, and delicious, easy cooking to create a range of South American inspired condiments that are all about adding fun, flair, and a burst of flavour to everyday meals.

Their journey from climbing UK peaks to spicing up kitchens across the globe embodies their shared ethos of love, friendship, and a commitment to making a positive impact, one jar of Chimilove at a time.

We sampled all the sizzling condiments including the new Red Jalapeño & Chipotle Mayo. It’s a tempting blend of deep, smoky chipotle and sweet red peppers, combined with light touch of red jalapeños, for just the right amount of fiery bite.

It comes with two chilli grading for the spice level. Some of the sauces go as high as four. So when I say all the sauces – I mean I only dipped an end of the folk to the Chimichurri Aji Extra Hot with the four peppers, since it’s definitely for the extra hot spice lovers.

They are handy for cooking as well as for dipping the final dish. Choose your spice level and use them in marinades such as seabass ceviche, mix in fajitas or slather some on freshly made empanadas.

Okey, homemade empanadas perhaps sound a bit too adventurous, surf and turf on the other hand is easy, which was exactly what I made with the help from Chimilove mild.

I marinated jumbo prawns for 20 minutes with just one table spoon of chimi before cooking, once ready we also dipped the steak slices into the chimichurri.

The sauces are great to dip, spoon, spread, mix, or simply slather on a burger and sweet potato fries or spread over a lamb or vegan wrap. Whatever the choice, it’ll certainly add an exciting flavour spin onto your regular dish.  

It completely transforms the dish so it’s a great secret weapon even for the most unskilled cooks. The condiments are also suitable for vegans as the sauces are all plant based.

Chimilove doesn’t just tantalise the taste buds; it’s a visual feast too. The brand’s bold, cheerful new-look packaging means these jars are destined to be the life and soul of the dining table and the pantry, brightening up meals and shelves alike.

The range caters to every taste preference, featuring everything from the gentle embrace of Chimichurri Mild to the exhilarating thrill of Chimichurri Hot, crowned with a 3-Star Great Taste award.

The newly introduced Red Jalapeño & Chipotle Mayo slides seamlessly into the collection, joining the ranks of moderate heat jars alongside Chimichurri Medium, sweet and peppery Green Jalapeño Mango Chutney and creamy, spicy Chimichurri & Mayo. 

For those who crave the heat, the extra hot Red Pepper & Jalapeño Ajiawaits, with its satisfyingly sizzling intensity it is not for faint hearted.

The CHIMILOVE sauces are crafted from the freshest plant-based ingredients. They are designed with eco-conscious, flavour seeker and the health enthusiasts in mind. They are also keto-friendly, and preservative-free sauces.

CHIMILOVE is available from over 200 independent stores across the UK and Ireland.  It can also be found in-store at Selfridges and Whole Foods Market and online at Ocado and Amazon. International customers can discover CHIMILOVE in Canada, France, Belgium, Kuwait and the USA.